Huawei Boasts about Its Contributions is telcos last, best hope for competing against cablecos and broadband service providers that are building all-fiber networks. Huawei intends to be a major player, at least outside of North America, in the coming gigantic market for gear that telcos will buy.

Jeff Wang, president of Huawei’s access network product line said in a statement: “The release of the broadband standard is of great significance within the industry and we are honored to have contributed to the release of this standard. Copper wires are important resources for fixed network operators, and the combination of copper reuse and innovative technologies speeds up access, deployment, and ROI for operators. is an ideal alternative solution to enable gigabit access when FTTH deployment is not feasible, and enables operators to realize quick ultra-broadband deployment for added business success.”

Huawei is boasting about its role in developing and getting it to market in the aftermath of ITU-T approving the broadband standard. It says it has played “a pivotal role” since 2011 in the telcos’ quest to enable copper phone wires to provide speeds up to 1 Gbps. — and without the need to build all-fiber networks.

Huawei said:
– It contributed to the ITU-T standard such core technologies as time division duplex (TDD), basic frame structure, forward error correction (FEC) channel coding, line activation negotiation mechanism, multi-line crosstalk cancellation, online reconfiguration, and power-saving working mode.
– In February 2014 it conducted the industry’s second trial with TeliaSonera, which verified compatibility between and ADSL2+/VDSL2.
– Huawei has so far conducted lab tests with more than 15 telcos, conducted trials with four telcos and signed the industry’s first ever commercial contract with a top European operator.
– It began to gear up for commercialization by conducting the industry’s first ever trial with BT, a trial that accumulated extensive engineering experience.
– It launched the industry’s first multi-port product prototype supporting IP68 waterproofing.
– It unveiled the industry’s first technical prototype, demonstrating the feasibility of ultra-high-speed gigabit access over …

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