BT Shows Telcos’ Rush to’s Speed

  – The rush by telcos to is underway

It’s amazing that telcos could begin on for a complex and system-wide technology that will impact their revenues and profits for the next decade.

BT will test at about 4,000 residences in two locations this summer and says it hopes will allow it to offer speeds of up to 500 Mbps to most of the UK by 2025, according to CEO Gavin Patterson. It appears that BT (and no doubt other telcos) is counting on speeds being possible on copper wires to the residence that are greater than 100 meters.

Even though does not require new wiring all the way to inside the home, the undertaking is still massive. New boxes will have to be installed in neighborhoods; fiber will have to be installed to those boxes and homes will need a capable gateway/modem.

BT said if the tests pan out, deployments will start in 2016-2017 and initially speeds up to a few hundred Mbps will be available to millions of homes by 2020. It said speeds will increase to upwards of 500 Mbps as new standards are developed and new equipment comes to market.

Sounding like AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, Patterson said the deployment of “will depend however on there continuing to be a stable regulatory environment that supports investment.”

The test locations are in Huntingdon and the Gosforth area of Newcastle.



BT Labs: tested

BT initially tested at its labs in Adastral Park, Suffolk. It said the tests showed that has the potential to deliver significant speed increases from existing and new neighborhood cabinets and from cabinets closer to the customer.

BT’s statement points out the importance of Sckipio’s statement this week that it has shown it can deliver higher than expected speeds and at longer than expected distances. The “distance versus speed” conundrum has long bedeviled the telcos copper wires network — unlike …


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