Deutsche Telekom Wants to Super Charge Vectoring to 250 Mbps

First it was Vectoring; now it’s Super Vectoring.

Deutsche Telekom (DT) says new “super-vectoring” technology can be used to increase the speed of its VDSL2 vectoring lines up to as much as 250 Mbps. That’s a substantial increase over the 80-100 Mbps that vectoring proponents had initially touted.

DT is of course facing three challenges: a) keeping happy its subscribers that increasingly use OTT services, b) keeping government regulators off its back and c) fighting off cablecos and their 100 Mbps DOCSIS networks and their coming gigabit speeds. For example, Vodafone-owned Kabel Deutschland has said it’ll offer 200 Mbps to about 3 million German residences by this coming September. Tele Columbus is said to be readying a 400-Mbps deployment.



Deutsche Telekom: facing three challenges


Concerning DT deploying the faster and its potential 400 Mbps, what we have heard is that DT’s physical network leaves too long of a distance between its current fiber nodes and the residence, meaning would not be able to provide the hoped for 400 Mbps at those distances and the costs of moving the fiber nodes closer to the residence is substantial.

Consumers, regulators and competition have caused DT to increase its planned vectoring footprint to about 80% of Germany’s population by 2018, up from its originally planned 65% by 2016.

DT is an example of the questions we asked a few weeks ago. How can telcos continue to invest heavily in broadband at a time when they are experiencing declining broadband revenues? Are their increased investments in broadband only serving to slow the rate of revenue decline? Have they waited too long to …

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