Vizio to Take Prices for UHD 4K Sets Down in 2015, Way Down

– 3 Models under $1,000; 5 under $2,000

It’s clear where prices for name brand UHD sets are headed in 2015: down, way down to 1080p HD prices.

Vizio plans to launch this spring five new UHD TV sets that will retail under $2,000 (last year’s magic number) including three under $1,000 (this year’s magic number), according to HD Guru, which obtained a pre-release copy of Vizio’s announcement of its new “M” series instead of its current “P” series.


Vizio M

Vizio M Series


Dear reader, please pause while we sing our familiar refrain, “Every UHD TV sold is another 4K stream that will increase the need for faster broadband and home networking.”

Why would someone buy a 1080p HD set when UHD sets are almost the same price? At the price that UHD sets are now selling for, set makers will soon stop making 1080p HD sets.

Looking at Vizio’s new models from the bottom up:

Model   Size  2015 Release Date Price
M43-C1 43-inch Spring $599
M50-C1 50-inch Spring $899
M55-C2 55-inch Spring $999
M60-C3 60-inch Spring $1,499
M65-C1 65-inch Spring $1,699
M70-C3 70-inch Spring $2,199
M75-C1 75-inch Fall $2,999
M80-C3 80-inch June $3,999


Imagine that! A 65-inch UHD TV for $1,699! Samsung’s 55-inch UHD TV was $1,999 last summer. And these prices are before retailers take their knives to them.

Vizio started as a maker of TV sets that were, well, cheap. Lately it’s been making pretty good sets, both in features and quality. Without looking at a number of different videos in varying resolutions on them, we can’t say but guess that the new Vizio sets have the ability to upconvert 1080 HD and lesser resolutions to near 4K quality.

There are some missing features — in addition to the fact that many say UHD TV sets should be at least 55-inches:
– No 3D. Who cares but the people that have bought a quantity of 3D movies?
– Quantum dots for a wider color gamut and high dynamic range, which will be on competitors’ UHD sets that’ll probably be priced higher than the Vizios. If not, then buy them.

Critics of UHD/4K, most of whom have never owned a UHD set, seem to be saying that consumers should wait on buying a UHD set until it is perfect and has every conceivable 4K feature. But that means they’d wait until 8K sets become affordable, which is …

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