Big Frame: 2015 Is All About Content Creators and Online Video

-More Internet TV Services
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-Mobile Operators Will Be Big Players in Future of Video

2015 will be an important and pivotal year for Internet TV services. Larry Shapiro, president of talent management company Big Frame Management, shared his views on what 2015 will look like in home entertainment. Big Frame Management focuses on creators in the digital space. Shapiro sat on a panel at CES earlier this year to discuss online video and Internet TV services.

His prediction is that things will change drastically in the next 12 months as Internet TV services come to market. “That’s what I think 2015 is going to be all about: this shift into the new SVoD (Subscription Video on Demand) players, the Vessels of the world, the Fullscreens. You’re going to see a lot of them come up,” Shapiro told the panel. “It’s going to change the face of what content is going to look like, but it’s not going to look like YouTube.”



Will 2015’s new SVoD players buck this trend?


The online video audience is maturing, Shapiro said. That’s thanks to the likes of Netflix and Amazon investing heavily in original content that rivals what audiences can see today on linear TV; it’s also due to the transformation YouTube has undergone from wild frontier of user-generated content to a safe platform for brands and networks to connect with viewers they can’t otherwise reach on traditional TV.

Shapiro expects to see more brands and networks investing in the digital space in 2015. “The networks and studios will follow the brand dollars,” he said. “Now that the brands are in the digital space, you’re going to see a lot more money in the digital space.”

Content creators are eager to explore the new world of direct-to-consumer services that the Internet has opened up for them. “It is going to be about the creators in 2015, whether it’s on SVoD or whether it’s on TVoD (Transactional Video on Demand),” Shapiro said. “We have yet to begin to explore the power of the direct-to-audience distribution that these creators have. It’s not going to be about the brands hawking wares, it’s going to be about people putting money behind these guys to make 90 minute films that the studios won’t make, but yet the audiences – Millennials – want.”

Shapiro added that there is now “a whole generation of kids that are not going to the movies.” These viewers are watching videos on the smartphones and tablets, and “we’re going to see an explosion in 2015 of that kind of content.”

The other big players in Internet TV services to debut in 2015? …

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