WiGig Expected in Smartphones by Year-End

WiGig (Wireless Gigabit Alliance) chips are expected in high-end smartphones in the second half of 2015, according to Digitimes.

WiGig allows data transfers speeds up to 7 Gbps over short distances such as within a room. That’s fast enough to wirelessly stream 4K videos from a smartphone, tablet, Blu-ray player or STB/NTB to a TV set. Qualcomm, Broadcom, Panasonic, Intel, Nitero and, probably Samsung, are expected to supply WiGig chips.

A Wonderful Wireless World

WiGig, which was “consolidated” into the WiFi Alliance in 2013, is faster than Wi-Fi — although with a much smaller coverage area — and so can handle large video streams such as 4K and gaming. It is cordless, unlike USB.

WiGig marks the beginning of the end of the wired era because WiGig devices will not need to be physically connected to nearby devices.

Apple will probably be the first to go port-less as shown this week by its newest MacBook, which has only one of the new-fangled USB-C ports. (Apple sells a separate $79 adapter that adds a single USB port and an HDMI or VGA slot.) The USB may disappear on future models when wireless recharging becomes popular. Apple was the first to eliminate the CD/DVD drive on laptops, which were once used exclusively to copy data and install new software. That prompted users to connect to Wi-Fi and the Net for those tasks.


The new Apple Watch: WiGig capability?


It’s not yet clear whether the new Apple MacBook or Apple Watch have WiGig. We think not because it’s too early — chipmakers have given out no information that they started shipping Wi-Gig chips 6 or so months ago, in time for Apple to put them in the products it announced this week.

If Apple did get a supply of WiGig chips, the MacBook and Apple Watch could use WiGig to stream videos and other content to a nearby TV set, even 4K videos, whether home videos shot with a 4K camera or from an OTT service…

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