SK Broadband Uses ARRIS Edge Routers to Offer 1 Gbps

South Korean cableco SK Broadband is using ARRIS E6000 Converged Edge Routers (CER) to deliver the first 1 Gbps broadband services in Asia Pacific. ARRIS said the routers have been deployed at many of the world’s leading cablecos. The speeds, ARRIS said, are needed for SK Broadband to offer “the world’s first 4K TV service” that uses UHD upscaling.

It is not clear whether SK Broadband, which last week became a partial acquisition target for SK Telecom, will broadcast in 4K or use the Internet to stream 4K videos.

The difference is: a pay TV service transmitting in 4K is news but using broadband to stream 4K videos is, ho-hum, old news.



South Korea: exponential bandwidth demands


ARRIS said the bandwidth needed to support demand in South Korea continues to grow at exponential rates and the number of connected devices is growing even faster. SK Broadband currently has 2.6 million IPTV subscribers and increased by 189,000 customers in 2014’s Q3.

Tim Gropp, ARRIS’ SVP of sales for Asia Pacific, said, “SK Broadband is the first company to break through the 1 Gbps speed barrier in Asia-Pacific and exceeds the high-speed data service levels of most other regions …

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