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3m-Plus Viewers Streamed Top NCAA Games During March Madness Final

NCAA’s March Madness drew record live streaming crowds this year. During the popular Final Four games, NCAA measured 6 million live streams, up 59% over 2014’s tournament. Viewers watched 1.5 million hours of video during the final stage of the tournament, a 53% increase over last year.
The national championship game saw a record-breaking 3.4 million live streams, and one million hours of content consumed online, both increases of over 60% from last year.


Hyperoptic Makes Liverpool the Latest Gigabit City in UK

KF2-2002Hyperoptic is expanding its FTTB (fiber-to-the-building) broadband service to residents in Liverpool.

City center multi-dwelling unit (MDU) residents will be able to become subscribers to 1 Gbps symmetrical service once the fiber has been installed.



ACA Warns Pay TV Biz May Be Unsustainable

“If current trends continue, traditional MVPD margins will be reduced substantially each year, and multichannel video service, which has been the foundational service for triple-play providers, may become a losing proposition for small to medium-sized providers within the next five years – by 2020 – or even sooner should conditions deteriorate more rapidly than anticipated.” – American Cable Association, in comments made to the FCC.


OTT Players May Bid on NFL Rights in 2021

“Even for free streamed sporting events, audiences are rarely in excess of a million – to recoup the cost of a successful bid, OTTs would need a paying audience of perhaps 10 million in some cases. But by 2021, when the NFL rights are due for renewal, we would be surprised if one or more OTTs did not bid for an exclusive live package.” – Juniper Research’s Windsor Holden, author of the report “Digital Content – An Over the Top Reaction.”


Baseball Is ‘Suited to Digital Technology’

Angel_Stadium_of_Anaheim“Nobody thought baseball would be suited to digital technology, but it is. Millennials love [accessing MLB on their mobile devices], but older people love it too. Technology is deliberately or inadvertently changing the [way people interact with the] game.” – Bob Bowman, president of MLB Business and Media, in an interview with TechCrunch.





BBC Focuses on Internet Age

“[BBC will] have to learn lessons if they’re going to be in a position to compete with organizations that were born the digital age. The direction of travel for the BBC is that we need to make sure that our portfolio is relevant in the Internet age.” — Matthew Postgate, BBC’s chief technology officer, in an interview with Financial Times.


People Go Nuts for Google Fiber-Copycat

“People just went nuts. We could tell right away there was a lot of traction there, a lot of excitement around doing something similar to Google Fiber in Detroit. There’s a lot of entrepreneurship and technology endeavors going on downtown right now. We thought one way to throw gas on the fire would be to build this world-class infrastructure.” Marc Hudson, one of three founders of Rocket Fiber, which aims to bring 1 Gig broadband service to Detroit.


Pay TV Needs to Move to OTT to Survive

“Comparatively high priced pay TV bundles are losing customers to more inexpensive, IP-delivered content. While pay TV will continue to hold market majority going forward, the best chance for positive growth in the pay TV space lies in the implementation of OTT capability in both standalone and IP-enabled STB capacities.” – Eric Abbruzzese, ABI Research analyst.


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