Ikanos’ New Broadband Speed Test Technology Bypasses the Home Network

– Accurately Tests Broadband Speed

 – Most people check their bandwidth speed from a device such as PC, smartphone or tablet. The problem is that those are speeds that are impacted by the vagaries of the home network’s performance, whether Wi-Fi or wireline.

Chipmaker Ikanos Communications is embedding its new Gigabit Speed Test software in the chips it makes for gateways, regardless of the broadband access technology it uses. That’ll allow telcos to accurately measure the data speed of the broadband they’re providing, even for rates up to 1 Gbps. Ikanos said “Gigabit Speed Test is a powerful new analysis tool that enables both carriers and their subscribers to track and manage the quality of the broadband service as delivered to the residence.”



New embedded speed test software could cure home network “not-spots”


Traditional speed measurement software can only indicate the performance of the slowest link between the Internet and those end devices. That causes telcos a problem because subscribers blame them for poor performance even when the culprit is the home network. One telco recently told us that most of its support calls about broadband speed are due to problems in the home network.

Ikanos’ Gigabit Speed Test runs directly on the residential gateway. The home’s network does not impact the results. Telcos can now separate issues associated with broadband service delivery from home networking issues, especially Wi-Fi performance, which is impacted by many factors the telco and its subscribers cannot control. The result is that telcos can more quickly pinpoint where the problem is — broadband or the home’s network, more likely the Wi-Fi network.

It works with all broadband technologies: copper (all forms of DSL, including; fiber (FTTH), cable (DOCSIS 3.1) and wireless (LTE).

Ikanos said its new Ikanos Gigabit Speed Test “is designed to meet the increasing speeds of the ultra-broadband era, supporting gigabit data rates with minimal impact on the main gateway processor.” Unlike other speed test applications, it checks the speed without disrupting the normal operation of the residential gateway or the home network — so there is no degradation of video quality.

Kourosh Amiri, VP of marketing at Ikanos, said, “The rapidly increasing consumer appetite for ultra-broadband connectivity is a challenge for wireline and wireless carriers alike. While the bulk of carriers’ investment and deployment efforts remains focused on meeting this challenge and enabling gigabit service delivery, it is equally important for carriers to proactively monitor the health of their network and the quality of the delivered service. As a result, innovations such as our inSIGHT Gigabit Speed Test become a critical component of …

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