Version 2.0 of MoCA off to a Quick Start

Anyone thinking wireline home networking is a dying technology will get a shock when they see the latest numbers from the MoCA alliance, which guides the technology’s development and acceptance:

By a factor of three to one, MoCA 2.0 certified products outnumber those with MoCA 1.1.

MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) said the increase is coming from both US and non-US manufacturers. The Online Reporter suspects a lot of it is coming from Asia, driven at least in part by MoCA’s recent acceptance in China such as Jiangsu Cable Networks evaluating MoCA 2.0 and including it in its upcoming RFQ (request for quotation) plus Entropic’s recent announcement regarding Sezhuan Telecom.

MoCA 2.0 is quite impressive and more than capable of simultaneously handling multiple streams of flicker-free 4K content:
– Two performance modes: 400 and 800 Mbps (bonded) net throughputs, (1 Gbps for point to point mode)
– One in 100 million packet error rate (PER) with 3.6 ms latency
– Improved power savings over MoCA 1.1
– Backward interoperability with MoCA 1.1, which offered speeds up to “only” 175 Mbps actual data rates.


MoCA Chart 04-23-15

MoCA 2.0 and MoCA 1.1 devices certified between Q1 2014 –Q1 2015


Recent wins for MoCA 2.0 include two of the US’s largest service providers — Comcast and Verizon. Evaluations and trials of MoCA 2.0 are underway by operators in Brazil, Singapore, Mexico, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, South Africa and China.

Rob Gelphman, VP of marketing and member relations at MoCA said, “The more devices on a wireless network that are streaming content and screaming for bandwidth, the more a wire will be required as an in-home backbone. Making the wireless network better is not just a bandwidth issue. It is also a reliability issue. Performance and reliability, as part of the greater QoS, go to the top of the list.”

Since MoCA technology came to market from Entropic, its initial developer, there have been 180 product certifications.

MoCA said, “Of the 35 device certifications since the launch of the MoCA 2.0 certification program in Q1 2014, 28 have been for products integrating MoCA 2.0 and nine integrating MoCA 1.1. In the first quarter of 2015, all new certifications were for devices integrating MoCA 2.0.”

Dr Stephen Palm, chair of the MoCA certification board and senior technical director at MoCA chipmaker Broadcom, said, “This has been a prolific year for certification of devices incorporating MoCA 2.0. MoCA certification and the interoperability it represents are cornerstones for continued successful adoption of any connectivity technology standard, especially when used by service providers.”

“MoCA 2.0 certifications have surpassed our expectations just one year after the launch of the certification program,” said Charlie Cerino, a Comcast executive and president of MoCA. “The number of certified MoCA 2.0 devices is a clear trend on how quickly it is being adopted by the industry. The chart above is graphic evidence of this success.”

Pay TV services must provide flicker-free home networking that delivers channels to multiple TV sets, typically from a whole home DVR. Consumers may accept the occasional spinning wheels and delayed responses from low-cost OTT services but they will not accept less than 100% perfect fidelity from their pricey pay TV services.

Consumers are increasingly expecting perfect video streaming from their OTT services even when viewing on mobile devices…

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