AirTies is First to Market with 4K STB

– 4K, HEVC, VP9, 11ac and Wi-Fi Mesh Network

It’s that time in the technology industry when everything changes.

That puts every technology company, start-up and established, on a new starting line.

There’s a race on to develop the best chipsets and the best STB/NTBs that combine 4K, HEVC/VP9 chips and also the best Wi-Fi technology for delivering flicker-free 4K video streams to every corner of the home.

The winners are assured of a long and prosperous future because every pay TV service will have to begin deploying such STBs.

AirTies Wireless Networks announced at TV Connect in London the world’s first 4K/UHD capable STB, which also comes with embedded 11ac Wi-Fi AP/Mesh. It’s exactly what pay TV services need once they have upgraded their infrastructure so they can get 4K content to the home. The Air 7410X UHD IP STB has integrated 11ac AP/Mesh. The STB uses Broadcom’s (who else?) 7252S SOC for receiving and transmitting to a UHD TV 4K at up to 60 frames per minute and supports the industry standard HEVC decompression technology as well as Google’s VP9 decompression technology.


AirTies at TV Connect show in London this week


AirTies said pay TV services can be confident in the box’s performance because it uses “the field proven AirTies OTT middleware stack.”

AirTies said that 4K videos demand a high-capacity home network but that powerline products “are unable to provide because 4K streams can use up to 50 Mbps throughout the entire home.” That’s why the box has the Air 4920 access point and mesh node with 3×3 802.11ac and 2×2 802.11n for 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

AirTies perhaps did not mention coax networks because they are not typically “throughout the home” in the same way that Wi-Fi can be, especially outside North America.

Because 77% of consumers are using a mobile device while watching TV, AirTies said the Air 7410X acts as dual band concurrent AP (access point), which provides very fast interaction between the mobile device and the STB. It said mobile devices, which typically have less capable Wi-Fi chips, connect to the STB at a fast rate because they are physically close to it and take advantage of the Air 7410’s high capacity Wi-Fi.

AirTies said that as part of an AirTies Mesh network, the Air 7410X provides consistent 100 Mbps Wi-Fi to every corner of the home.

AirTies executive chairman and co-founder Bulent Celebi said, “There are several STB’s in the market with simple Wi-Fi client capability. Integrating full access point and mesh functionality into a high performance STB is a major technical challenge. Our engineering teams have met the challenge.”

4K; HEVC/VP9; dual band, concurrent 11ac; and mesh Wi-Fi for 100 Mbps anywhere in the home – just what the doctor ordered for pay TV services that want to begin…

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