Comtrend Picks Celeno’s Wi-Fi for Its Powerline Extender

– ‘Virtualized Wi-Fi’ throughout the Home

The increasing use of Wi-Fi devices – from TVs to tablets – and the coming of bandwidth-hungry apps such as 4K have caused increased demand for Wi-Fi bandwidth and coverage in and around the home.

Equipment maker Comtrend has developed an answer to Wi-Fi’s shortcomings – plug-and-play extenders that use over the home’s powerline to carry Wi-Fi signals to every nook and corner in the residence. Comtrend uses Celeno’s Wi-Fi chips and OptimizAIR in each extender.


Attic bedroom

Comtrend’s extender promises Wi-Fi for remote parts of the house


Celeno said that with its technology, “Consumers can seamlessly access high bandwidth services wherever they are in the home as Wi-Fi capacity remains high no matter how far coverage is extended.”

Celeno’s CL1860 and CL2200 Wi-Fi chips have Celeno’s concurrent dual band Wi-Fi, which drives the powerline Wi-Fi Extenders, enabling them to leverage both the 2.4GHz and 5 GHz bands.

Celeno’s smart Wi-Fi technology OptimizAIR 2.0 enables the virtualization of Wi-Fi resources, so that Wi-Fi capacity can be dynamically apportioned and provisioned to different devices, services and applications. It also enables them to offer new service business models like homespots, IoT, home security and home automation on different SSID’s from each extender.

A single push of a button enables rapid self-install. This results in a dramatic decrease in service calls and operating expenses for service providers.

Celeno’s VP of marketing Lior Weiss said, “A combination of well-coordinated gateway and multiple Wi-Fi extenders delivers the best coverage and Wi-Fi throughput. The more mobile device penetration we see, the more important it will be to extend and improve wireless coverage to enable consumers to enjoy perfect Wi-Fi in every corner of their home, while ensuring we don’t compromise on overall network capacity.”

John Hsieh, Comtrend’s marketing director, said, “Celeno’s smart Wi-Fi solution provides a significant advantage for our customers in terms of superior user experience and customer satisfaction, as well as by offering both extended coverage with reliable service and increased capacity in a distributed network.”

Celeno’s Wi-Fi chips are proven in the field. They have been used in …

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