Broadcasters Are Laggards in 4K

– Could Lead to Their Ultimate Downfall
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Broadcasters and pay TV services are laggards when it comes to 4K, according to research from Quantel and Snell, a media technology and TV management company. Despite the fact that production and sales of UHD TVs are accelerating, the company said it will take up to a decade before the majority of the world’s broadcasters make the change to Internet Protocol (IP) transmission so they can deploy 4K more easily and less expensively.


Professional broadcasters have faced IP and 4K uncertainty


The research showed when broadcasters expect the transition to IP only to take place:
– 19% believe this would occur within two years
– 42% within five years
– 27% only see this happen within 10 years

And, 60% said 4K TV will be “relevant in the future” but only in the two- to five-year period.

Quantel and Snell CEO Tim Thorsteinson said, “Broadcasters and media organizations have been bombarded with IP and ‘4K now’ messages over the last year. This has led to a great deal of uncertainty, which I know our customers have fed back to us time and again. It clearly shows that broadcasters see these as key future concerns, but for the vast majority, a full-on infrastructure lift-out and replacement with IP and 4K is not going to happen any time soon.”

More than 1,000 people in 80 countries took part in the survey.

According to Rider Research
Here is what we at Rider Research think about the broadcasters’ slow launch of 4K channels, especially if they are as slow to 4K as they say they will be:
– OTT services will become the dominant method for delivering video entertainment and information to the home, even sports (think BT), news (Bloomberg) and weather.
– People will think of TV as apps, not as a slew of linear TV channels that they are forced to wade through to find something to watch.
– By putting their own apps on smart TVs, content owners will be selling/renting most of their goodies directly to viewers, which is what ESPN, HBO, CBS and others have already started doing.
– Within two years, 100% of the TVs 40-inches and larger that are in stores will be UHD smart TVs, probably by year-end 2016 or after the setmakers launch at CES in early 2017.
– Within five years, over half the homes in first world countries will have at least one UHD TV with some having two or more.
– 4K displays will dominate the high end market for cell phones and tablets in three years, creating even more demand for 4K content, which will create demand for more 4K TVs and mobile devices, which will… Oh! You get it! It’ll become a total 4K world and broadcasters should take note that

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