Jazztel Selects Comtrend’s PowerGrid-9070 G.hn Adapters

– Jazztel Selects Comtrend’s G.hn Gear to Connect Fiber to Copper Phone Wires

Spanish telco Jazztel has selected Comtrend’s PowerGrid-9070 G.hn adapters with Marvell’s G.hn chips to accelerate the deployment of its FTTH/FTTdp network.

Jazztel said the deployment will help it bridge the connection between the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) (or distribution point) and the subscriber’s gateway in the residence.

The G.hn adapters that Jazztel is using take a bite out of the G.fast market, as also happened at South Korea’s KT.

G.fast was developed to bridge the copper wire from a residential gateway to an ONT, typically located in an external, weather-proof box or in an MDU’s basement, where fiber from the central office is connected to the copper phone wires that go to the gateway.



Jazztel: taking bite out of Spain’s G.fast market


One advantage that G.fast and G.hn both have is that the telco does not have to send an installer into the home but can instead ship the gateway to the subscriber for a plug-and-play installation.

Now that G.fast chips and products are becoming available, it’s not certain how big the market will be for G.hn to operate in G.fast’s target marketplace — connecting fiber to copper in order to get fast broadband.

This makes the second instance we have heard of where a telco selected G.hn-based products for what many would have considered an opportunity for G.fast. In any event, the customer gets faster broadband speeds and the telco staves off the cableco or a third-party FTTH service.

Jazztel currently has the second largest FTTH network in Spain, with more than …

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