Home Networking: HomePlug AV2 Outperforms G.hn

– Speed Tests Performed in Typical Suburban Home
– Only Retail Products Were Used

One of the first things we’re all taught about technology is that the new technology is always better than the old one.

That’s not always true as we found out when we tested the HomeGrid Forum’s newly developed G.hn powerline technology against that of the older HomePlug Alliance’s HomePlug AV2.

However, HomePlug AV2 clearly outperformed G.hn in the tests we conducted in four rooms — in both up and down speeds — faster by 30% to 58%.



Home networking: solutions to 21st century problems


It helps to keep in mind that the AV2 version of HomePlug a) isn’t old – it’s as new as G.hn, b) it contains new technologies such as MIMO that make powerline home networking faster, c) the AV2 version incorporates everything its members have learned about powerline network performance over the last decade or so and d) its developers include two of the world’s leading network technology giants, the chipmakers Broadcom and Qualcomm.

The Online Reporter has been reporting on the potential of G.hn as a powerline home network technology since May of 2008 — See: “Intel Leads HomeGrid Effort to Accelerate G.hn as Single Standard for Wired Home Networks” in TOR587. G.hn …

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