More Details about Verizon’s Internet TV Service Surface

Verizon’s late-arriving mobile Internet TV service will be called “Go90,” and will offer full TV episodes from certain networks, music videos and exclusive short-form content to viewers to stream to mobile devices.

That’s according to a test Website for its upcoming OTT service that Verizon released by accident this week, resulting in reports based on what was gleaned from the site before it was taken down. According to the site, it will also offer “exclusive events” and sports programming.

Verizon has confirmed it will begin recruiting beta-testers for the service and apps in the coming weeks.


Verizon: major name content deals announced


“We didn’t want to mimic TV—that’s just an appliance you rearrange your living room around,” the Website stated. “Instead, we wanted to create a mobile-first, video-based app that can keep up with you and your on-the-go social life. One that features completely immersive live and on-demand content, no matter where you are or where you’re going. No cord required.”

No cord is technically required at all for the service, because it will be delivered to wireless devices, but it will also be made available over-the-top.

Verizon hasn’t officially released many details about its mobile-first OTT service, which is due to launch sometime this summer, and has been pushed back to “late summer.”

Initial comments about the service, made by Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, focused on offering some live content, some on-demand content, and exclusive access to some events such as music concerts or sports events, which would be delivered live to mobile users via LTE Broadcast technology, which Verizon calls LTE Multicast. The company has said the service will experiment with ad-supported offerings, subscriptions and pay-per-view.

Verizon has announced a handful of content deals for the service, including Viacom, DreamWorks Animation, Scripps Network Interactive, ESPN and CBS sports, along with online video networks AwesomenessTV and Vice. Verizon also owns mobile rights to NFL content, in a separate deal; and Verizon’s recent acquisition AOL will develop video exclusive to the service, including content from AOL-owned TechCrunch and Huffington Post sites. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong will head up the OTT service.

“The AOL acquisition greatly accelerates our digital media and advertising platform capabilities, which will become a critical element of our OTT strategy and our revenue growth for the future,” said Verizon CFO Fran Shammo, speaking at the recent quarterly earnings call.

While the service will be available over-the-top, Verizon plans to give some perks to its own wireless subscribers. The service will offer some content exclusively to its own mobile subscribers.

Verizon had big plans for the service last year, but Shammo admitted it’s had to make to some concessions to meet its launch target. “It will be initial launch and as the year goes on it will progress,” Shammo said. “This is a lineup that is really around all live-type news clips and sporting events. So very different than what anyone else is bringing to the marketplace.”

Shammo hinted the LTE Broadcast will be an important feature in the Internet TV service.

“All the phones that we sold in the fourth quarter have…

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