Orange to Test in Poland

Orange has said it will field trial technology in its operations in Poland by the end of 2015. It had successfully tested in its labs in July with a view to using it to provide 300 Mbps, HD pay TV and VoIP telephone service. It said, “The tests went well and we will soon begin preparations for the pilot.”

Orange’s trial will try to provide up to 500 Mbps broadband to subscribers in areas where its FTTH networks don’t reach.


500 Mbps would have them dancing in the streets of Poland


Other telcos that have said they are testing/trialing are BT (which will conduct two trials this summer with a view to a nationwide rollout over the next decade), Telekom Austria, Saudi Telecom and Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom.

Some think that most of the world’s telcos are at some stage of evaluating, testing or field trialing because of a) customer demand, b) much faster speeds being offered by cablecos and fibercos (like Alphabet Inc.‘s Google Fiber) and c) government regulatory organizations. The fact is that most telcos still only offer a maximum of 45 Mbps (14 to 18 Mbps in many cases) while nearly every cableco offers or is about to offer …

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