The Story of the Year: Smart TVs

– Or Is It 4K TVs?

Public acceptance of smart TVs and smart TV STBs are “the story of the year,” according to Simon Applebaum of Planet Ed

Applebaum says, “We are evolving into a culture where people watch the Internet (not just Internet-circulating videos), play sophisticated video games, transact and interact with content, services and applications – all through the TV set.

What’s more, because software is the delivery agent of all this, software which can be upgraded electronically, we have no inkling of the ultimate capacity or capabilities of these advanced sets or gear, and no inkling of the imagination called into play through this capacity and capability.”

Concerning smart TVs’ impact on the content industry and the increase in scripted shows, Applebaum says, “Netflix now has the ambition of being the universe’s biggest generator of original scripted fare. No wonder Amazon, Hulu and Yahoo are picking up the scripted pace, with YouTube, Fullscreen, BitTorrent and other Web outposts looking to enter this territory. Smart TV is the end game for the biggest audience. As they set a bigger scripted agenda, broadcast, cable and multicast channels increase their commitments.”

Smart TVs and the devices that add smarts to dumb TVs are an old story for readers of The Online Reporter. We first reported on them before 2010, back when they were called connected TVs and Web TVs.

They are now the default TV that consumers buy.

Soon 4K will be the default TV and in a couple of years some wag will call that year the year of 4K, which was actually the 12 months from the summer of 2014 until the summer of 2015 when the prices of 4K sets dropped to mass market prices.

Think about the impact 4K will have on demand for faster broadband and home networks plus the content industry…

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