New Apple iPhones Legitimize 4K in a Way Nothing Else Could

– 4K Naysayers Will Disappear
– Biggest Beneficiaries: Pay TV Makers, OTT Services, Broadband & Home Networking
– Biggest Loser: Traditional Linear Pay TV

Any one that works in the broadband or home network industries should rush out and order an iPhone 6S and 6S Plus on September 12 when Apple starts taking pre-orders.

The world’s most widely used cameras are Apple’s iPhones.

The new iPhones can shoot video in 4K.

Who wants to shoot in 4K and watch in ordinary HD?

Apple’s move into 4K legitimizes 4K more than any maker of TV sets could ever have hoped, even the mighty Samsung.


Tim Cook Apple Press Sep 2015 2

Apple CEO Tim Cook at the iPhone 6S event this week


Apple’s new 6S and 6S can shoot video in 4K – a resolution of 3840×2160. Apple didn’t stop there. The units have a new 12-megapixel sensor with advanced pixel technology and an Apple-developed and made image signal processor that delivers better colors in sharper and more detailed photos.

The front camera is a 5-megapixel FaceTime HD camera with “Retina Flash,” which briefly increases the brightness of the screen three-fold to help brighten selfies.

An optical image stabilization feature helps improve the video quality in low-light situations. The new iPhones also have exposure control, timer mode and face detection.

There’s more. A feature called Live Photos shoots 12 megapixel photos that are part of a short video clip that captures a few seconds before and after the shutter button is pressed. A feature called 3D Touch detects the amount of force when the screen is pressed, Retina HD displays, the strongest glass of any smartphone, aerospace-grade aluminum exterior and an Apple’s A9 processor.

But! The most important new feature is the iPhones’ 4K capability. It will greatly increase sales of 4K TV sets. Who wants to shoot in 4K and watch in ordinary HD resolution? Shoppers will find that 4K TV sets are very affordable and buy them. Increased sales of 4K-capable TV sets will increase demand for 4K movies and TV shows. The biggest beneficiary of that will be the 4K OTT services, who are today the world’s largest suppliers of 4K content. And the biggest beneficiaries of that will be the broadband and home networking industry because of 4K increased demand for greater bandwidth.

For a number of months The Online Reporter has been predicting that the next major boost to the spread of 4K would come when Apple launched an iPhone or iPad that provides 4K. That has now happened.

The biggest losers will be the traditional linear pay TV companies who have been caught with their networks incapable of delivering 4K content. It will take them years and billions of dollars to get those networks ready to deliver 4K content to the home – except over an Internet connection, of course.

Oh! One more thing! It’s too bad that Apple won’t benefit from the coming surge in sales of 4K TVs it is causing. It still hasn’t launched an Apple 4K TV set…

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