Actiontec’s MoCA-to-Wi-Fi Adapter Provides up to 1 Gbps Wi-Fi

In the real world there are two types of Wi-Fi extenders – those that use Wi-Fi to connect to a remote extender and those that use cables – powerline, coax or Ethernet – to connect to a remote extender.

Wireline to Wi-Fi is better, faster, more reliable than Wi-Fi-to-Wi-Fi. Coax-to-Wi-Fi approaches Ethernet-to-Wi-Fi in performance.

Actiontec Electronics is launching a retail version of its MoCA-based coax-to-Wi-Fi adapter – $149 for the remote unit – that provides user available Wi-Fi bandwidth up to 1 Gbps Mbps and can support multiple extenders connected to the same router.

The adapter uses Quantenna’s 4×4 11ac Wi-Fi chips that have beam-forming, which many consider the fastest available. MoCA 2.0 enables the Wi-Fi extender to receive data at speeds of up to 1 Gbps.


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Wrong Wi-Fi speed for the right room is a perennial home networking problem


Coax is widely acknowledged to be a …

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