Quantenna Brings More Speed & Coverage to the Home’s Wi-Fi Network

– ‘True 8×8’ MIMO Coming and It’s Not Two 4x4s Strapped Together
– The 100+ Mbps Broadband Era Is Arriving & Is Calling for Faster, More Robust Wi-Fi

US baseball players use the phrase “bringing speed” when the pitcher throws his very fastest fastball – so fast that to batters it looks like an aspirin tablet. Well, Quantenna is about to “bring more speed” to Wi-Fi devices.

Over the last few weeks, The Online Reporter has been conducting speed tests on powerline networks.

Speeds in two residences has led us to examine whether and why they are needed so we started checking Wi-Fi speeds in the same rooms of the same residences.

The results were woeful.

Millions of homes have the same Wi-Fi problems as will become visible as broadband speeds increase to upwards of 100 Mbps, as more and more Wi-Fi devices are used in the home and as 4K-capable TVs, smartphones and tablets become popular – 4K taking twice as much bandwidth as 1080p HD videos.

Coming to the rescue is Quantenna Communications whose Wi-Fi chips are designed with most powerful Wi-Fi technology possible that allowable under the 11ac standard.

It says its products are “Wi-Fi Perfected.”

Quantenna calls its newest Wi-Fi chips for routers and gateways “True 8×8” MIMO because they are truly 8×8, not two 4×4 radios that are strapped together in one router. Quantenna says they are “fully standard compliant” and that “11ac defines 8×8, not dual radio stacking.” Its True 8×8 technology is “more spectrally efficient, uses less power, avoids expensive filters and can tune to any channel” – unlike competitors’ dual 4×4 radios.


Quantenna 4x4 11ac Retail Flagship ProductsQuantenna: “True 8×8”


Quantenna’s 8×8 Wi-Fi chips are:…

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