RIP, Milk Video! Samsung Cuts Its Cord

Death comes quickly to Internet video services that aren’t attracting viewers.

Exactly 12 months after its launch, Samsung is cutting the cord of its Milk Video service in November 2014.

Samsung said on Google Play, “While we remain committed to providing premium entertainment services, we have decided to end support for the Samsung Milk Video app as of November 20, 2015.”


Samsung Milk

Gone sour: Milk app will disappear in November


Milk Video was launched as a mobile service of short-form video content that would complement its Milk Music service. It had deals with YouTube, Vevo and others but didn’t bring much innovation or original content to the table.

Those that think they control what’s on their smartphones and tablets have another think coming. Milk Video was distributed through an app on Samsung smartphones but Samsung will make that app disappear in its next software update.

And an executive who left his job as VP of content and services at Apple’s iTunes business, Kevin Swint, for the glorious opportunities in Samsung’s world, has already left his Samsung position.

The demise of Milk Video hasn’t deterred others that want to launch a mobile video service, specifically Verizon with its Go90 service and former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar who has launched a service called Vessel with a Hulu-like free-with-ads/pay business model.

When Samsung launched Milk Video, it said it would offer, solely to users of its Galaxy devices, exclusive videos on comedy, lifestyle and entertaining content. Samsung said, “The promise of Milk is a well-designed mobile experience that makes it easy to discover the content you want.”

RIP, Milk Video. Even the biggest corporates can bite the dust…

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