Psst! Here’s a 17.3-Inch Android Tablet

Alcatel OneTouch, once part of Alcatel-Lucent but since acquired by the Chinese CE company TCL, has a new 17.3-inch Android tablet called the OneTouch Xess that’s so different the company says it can’t be called a tablet.

What makes it different is its 17.3-inch size and it is designed to be used primarily at a desk like a desktop PC, not as a mobile device.

Alcatel OneTouch CTO and manager of innovation Dr Stan Hu said, “For us, it is a new category. We call it a big tablet.”

Hu said, “You can use it to cook, by displaying your favorite recipes in the kitchen, watch movies, listen to music or play games with friends and family in the living room.

Alcatel OneTouch Xess

Can stand the heat: Alcatel OneTouch eyes the kitchen for its Xess tablet


First the hardware specs: a 10-point multi-touch, stylus, 8-core ARM-based 1.5Ghz CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB Flash storage, MicroSD slot and 2 USB ports. It has two 3-watt JBL by Harman speakers for accurate sound reproduction.

Its hands-free gesture control eliminates the need for a touchpad, keyboard or mouse. “Just wave to control the screen,” the company said. A magnetic stylus is clipped to the rear so users with messy hands won’t touch the screen, which also has a…


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