4K UHD TV Sales Jump 494% in One Year… Forecasted as 40% of all TV Sales in 2016

4K UHD TV sets show no signs of losing strength with sales up 494% in the third quarter over last year, according to the Digital Entertainment Group’s third quarter home entertainment report.

To date, nearly two million 4K UHD TVs were sold this year, driving the current number of households with 4K UDH TVs in the US up to 2.8 million. And as the holiday season approaches and with Black Friday just days away, 4K Ultra HDTV sales will only continue to grow as consumers upgrade from their old TV sets or buy sets for their loved ones when many TV set prices will be marked down considerably.


flat_panel_TV_demand 2013-2016

Flat Panel Demand by Resolution

Consumer spending remained stable with nearly $4 billion spent in Q3 in the US on home entertainment. From the looks of things it would seem that consumers are embracing the convenience and accessibility of collecting and purchasing digital content and want the best picture quality a TV can offer to watch it on.

Subscription video on-demand (SVoD) services saw steady growth in the third quarter with a 23% increase in revenue over the same period last year, according to the report.

The digital locker service UltraViolet is growing as well. Worldwide there are now nearly 25 million household UltraViolet accounts with over 150 million movie and TV shows in their UltraViolet libraries.


4K TVs Will Account for 40% of TV Sales in 2016
– 4K Critics Go Silent

Analysts’ negative comments and outlook about 4K have been stifled.

Their only comments these days deal with why people should wait for some new 4K function such as HDR instead of buying and enjoying the glorious beauty of 4K now.

Some consumers are led into buying a now last-generation and obsolete 1080p HD set because of their low prices, which makers of TVs have done to sell their remaining inventory.

“Show me the money,” someone said, to which could be added, “Show me the eyeballs.”

IHS, which tracks such data, said this week, “Demand for UHD panels has risen sharply, because they are suited for large screens. Consumers are also recognizing that higher pixel density provides a better, more intuitive viewing experience.”

IHS uses numbers (money) to support its contention that consumer eyeball are seeing 4K’s better video. It said, “Manufacturer and consumer demand for ultra-high definition (UHD) televisions remains strong, including 4K TV, wide viewing angle (WCG), high dynamic range (HDR) and other high-definition picture performance improvements.”

IHS said that despite sluggishness in LCD TV sales, year-over-year unit shipments of UHD TV panels are forecast to double in 2015, topping 40 million units and that it now expects that 4K TVs will account for 40% total TV panel shipment area in 2016.

IHS’s director of large display research Ricky Park said, “The increased supply of LCD TV panels has caused a downturn in panel prices, providing consumers with a cheaper selection of wide-screen TVs and whetting their appetite for even larger TVs with higher resolution. The consumer requirement for higher resolution will also grow, as more 4K TV video content becomes available.”

We would make a slight correction to Park’s statement by saying that “more” 4K content is here already because of 4K TV set’s ability to upscale 1080p HD and lower resolutions to near 4K quantity. In fact some makers of 4K TV sets say their technology upconverts all the way to 4K quality.

IHS predicts that the demand in 2016 for UHD TV panels will increase by 67% from 2015, which will make up about 40% of the display market. It also said that prices for UHD panels are sharply lower.

Louder please, all you 4K critics! We can barely hear you!

. The next thing you’ll do is wake up to the major impact that 4K streams will have on broadband and the home’s Wi-Fi network

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