Big Presence of Video and Viewing Devices Expected at CES 2016

At CES 2016, to be held in Las Vegas this week, show-goers can expect to see video and a lot of it at the upcoming show as over 450 exhibitors list “video” among their product lines.

However, video will not be the focus in a traditional broadcast sense. It is 2016 and streaming ventures are bigger than ever.

Some CES keynote speakers will include Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings and YouTube chief business officer Robert Kyncl, reflecting the focus on non-broadcast video in favor of OTT streaming video.


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CES 2016: 450 exhibitors list “video” as part of product range


Sessions at the Variety Entertainment Summit will go into OTT entertainment, content monetization and digital audience engagement and Digital Hollywood will feature sessions such as “Original Video Programming: Internet TV Goes Mainstream”, “The Disruption of Internet TV: Programming Everywhere” and “The Future of TV: From Primetime to Multi-Platforms.”

Despite slowing TV set sales forecasts for 4K ultra high-definition screens remain optimistic.

“TV and content are really strong. We have at least 100 exhibitors showcasing 4K UHD TV,” said SVP for CES and corporate business strategy for show organizer CTA (Consumer Technology Association), Karen Chupka.

Although CTA reports that interest in TV sets is declining in comparison to smartphones and tablets, interest in UHD TV sets continues to grow. In 2015 the expected sales of 4.5 million 4K TVs is triple the 2014 level of sales. CTA chief economist and senior research director Shawn DuBravac estimated that 8.9 million UHD sets will ship in 2016 and over 13 million in 2017. 4K content is being buzzed about as well.

DirecTV, which has been testing UHD sportscasts over the past year said it has the capacity to carry 50 UHD channels at 30 Mbps is expected to announce that it will add more 4K programming to its line-up.

The event is officially labeled “CES” rather than the “International Consumer Electronics Show” and the sponsoring organization has dropped “electronics” from its name and changed to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), maintaining its brand while broadening its reach.

Technicalities aside, the event is expected to draw in nearly 180,000 attendees during its January 6 to 9 run in Las Vegas and what will come from the event is sure to set the tone i…

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