MoCA Hires Comcast’s Charles Cerino as Full-Time President

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The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) has hired the recently retired Comcast executive, Charles Cerino, as its first-ever, full-time president.

The Online Reporter doesn’t typically report on personnel changes but this one is important.

It involves the world’s most successful wireline home network technology, as shown by the number of pay TV services that have standardized on MoCA for distribution flicker-free, high-resolution video in the home – and it is becoming important for extending the reach of the home’s increasingly over-loaded Wi-Fi network.


Moca milkshake

Draining: MoCA publicity depicts devices gasping for Internet ‘milkshake’ through inadequate straws

MoCA is now, finally, extending its reach into the retail market, where HomePlug has been the dominant wireline technology. It is also extending its reach into China by marketing its technology to the government regulators and cable TV services in China, which could well turn out to be the world’s largest home networking market.

MoCA’s board of directors unanimously named Charles Cerino as its first full-time, paid president because of the next two steps ahead of MoCA – the retail market and China – plus MoCA’s continuing technology development requires a full time president.

Since 2007 Cerino has been president of MoCA while being an employee of Comcast and Comcast’s board representative. He will continue to be on the board but not as Comcast’s representative. As a 40-year veteran of the pay TV industry, Cerino is well-qualified to promote MoCA to other pay TV companies, recruit new members and manage MoCA on a daily basis.
Comcast is generally recognized as the most technologically advanced company in the pay TV industry. Cerino was previously VP of Comcast Center Technology.

New announcements are expected soon about China’s improved versions of MoCA and MoCA’s activities in the retail market. A recently launched Actiontec MoCA-to-Wi-Fi adapter has received glowing reviews from service providers and industry analysts. MoCA members must be encouraged by the recent reports that most homes’ Wi-Fi networks are overwhelmed by the number of mobile viewing devices in the typical home and the coming onslaught of 4K viewing and uploading.

The Online Reporter first reported on MoCA 11 years ago – on January 31, 2004. Most recently we reported:
– MaxLinear, which acquired the first MoCA chipmaker Entropic, is shipping sample quantities of MoCA 2.0 chips that are capable of 1 Gbps net throughput.
– MoCA is said to be working with China’s SARFPPT government agency and the Academy of Broadcast Planning to adopt MoCA as a standard for both network access and home networking in China.
– A new and faster version of MoCA, capable of 2.5 Gbps is reportedly in development and should be available soon, though no specific dates have been announced.

And, for the first time since the launch of the HomePNA home network technology, MoCA faces competition in the coax sector.

It is the technology, promoted by the HomeGrid Forum as being a worthy alternative to MoCA in coax networking. Most of the world’s telcos and none of China’s pay TV services have as yet selected a wireline home technology to standardize on for distributing pay TV within the home, which means there is room in the market for a new coax network technology. also operates over the electrical powerlines, which…

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