Facebook Is Now a Live Streaming Social Network

– ‘Streaming Selfie’ Feature Available to Anyone with iPhone in the US
-Look Out Periscope, Meerkat & Snapchat

Facebook’s rollout of live video streaming has been slow and steady.

The feature was available to a select group of people, mainly celebrities, back in August.



Facebook’s live video streaming: now available to all US iPhone users


Then in December a select group of iPhone users were granted ability to utilize Facebook live streaming and then all verified accounts were granted access not long afterwards.

Now Facebook has taken a huge leap by offering its live video streaming feature to all iPhone users in the United States.

The feature will rival live streaming services such as Meerkat and Twitter’s Periscope.

Facebook is already the most popular mobile app with nearly one billion people using Facebook on their mobile devices every day.

Facebook’s video venture is doing extremely well with over 8 billion video views per day and Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said that members are streaming 100 million hours of video from the network every day.

The live streaming venture may not fare quite as well given the logistics of viewing and the fact that people will not always be in situations where they are able to view live videos – in fact, during the day more often than not people are in situations where viewing video is not convenient. That is why Facebook created the “Save Video” option so people can go back and watch a video later when it is more convenient.

Competition is heating up in the live streaming market, and it will only grow and become more complicated in the coming years due to the changing landscape of digital media. “Look for these mobile live streaming trends – live-video-enabled apps and targeted video advertising – to intensify as more content providers, news organizations, entertainers and businesses in other industry segments increasingly turn to Facebook, Periscope and other streaming-enabled apps as content outlets,” said Wowza Media Systems VP and streaming industry evangelist Chris Knowlton.

The feature, for iPhone owners, will be located on the “Update Status” page and tapping the “Live Video” icon should start the live stream. The feature offers users the option of writing a description of the stream and allows them to select the audience with which they want to share the stream. Viewers will be able to post comments during the stream and when the stream is over it automatically saves to the user’s timeline but they have the option of deleting the video.

Facebook said it will be rolling out the feature to …

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