BBC Plans for Its Internet Future

-Will Switch to All-IP Broadcast Technologies in 2017

The BBC is fully embracing the new era of Internet TV. After deciding to take its Millennial-focused BBC3 channel online-only, the public broadcaster said this week it’s planning to move all its broadcast services, including radio, to an all-IP platform.



BBC: “IP networks” unheard of when name plate first screwed on


It also says the new Internet-based workflow will turn it into a “next-generation broadcast network.”

BT has been tapped to help  it create the IP network. The all-IP broadcast technology will be more efficient, flexible and “better able to support BBC innovation,” the firm said. It will also position the  broadcaster to begin offering new content formats, such as UHD 4K video and 360 and virtual reality type content. And for peak demand events, partnering with BT will ensure the channel will have access to increased capacity during major events, it said.

“This is an important step towards building an Internet-fit BBC and will allow us to provide more interactive and personalized content in the future,” said Matthew Postgate, CTO …

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