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Three New ViaSat Satellites Can Provide More Broadband Bandwidth than All 400 Others in Orbit Now

About this item: There are a number of projects underway to provide broadband to every one of the world’s residences, efforts by Google and Facebook quickly come to mind. Here’s another one that promises to take root in the near future.



Shaw Becomes Canada’s 4th Largest Cellco

The Future of Retail Stores:

Chinese Company Buys Opera Software & Its Browser



Netflix Commits to HDR

Two Major Canadian Cablecos to Offer Sports in 4K This Year

NeuLion Partners with Univision & NEP for 4K Soccer Broadcasts’ over OTT

NEP Operates Australia’s Largest 4K Mobile Production Truck’

Ultra HD Forum topics: 4K, WCG, HDR, HFR, NGA

Grundig Launches a Line of 4K TVs with NetRange’s Smart TV Platform

More Live 4K Programming Appears Across Europe, Asia and US



NBCU Launches Reality’-Themed Internet TV Service

Internet TV Looking More Welcoming to NFL

Super Bowl Live Stream Highlights the Case for Multicast

Mobile Video Opportunity Dwarfs’ Internet

Verizon Is Now Bundling NBA Subscriptions on Mobile Go90′

AT&T’s DirecTV Merger Is More about Mobile Video than Home Video

HBO Sister Channel Cinemax Joins Sling TV

YouTube Program Popularizes Super Bowl Commercials

CBS Revenue Stream Shifts to Digital



HBO Has Only 800,000 Subscribers, Not 2m

YouTube Red Originals Launch with More to Come

Following Record-Breaking Kids Premiere Weekend Amazon Orders Thunderbirds Are Go’



Nokia’s AlcaLu Completes Tests of 10 Gbps Capable

Is There a Case for 1 Gbps to the Home Much Less 10 Gbps

CenturyLink Ceding Residential High-speed Broadband to Cablecos

BT Has Become the Poster Child for

DOCSIS 3.1 to Bring Gigabit Speeds to Fargo, North Dakota

Unlimited Downloads on Urban’s Gigabit Service

Deutsche Telekom’s Hrvatski Telekom Testing in Croatia

CableLabs Goes Open Source for Future Network Virtualization

Calix Helps 3 Electrical Coops Go All-Fiber

Millimeter-Wave Technology Not Just for the Starry-Eyed

The start-up company Starry recently announced its venture to deploy gigabit mesh networks



MaxLinear & Celeno Make a Perfect Home Network Marriage

Intel & Qualcomm Achieve Interoperability of Their WiGig Technologies

iPass Is Measuring World’s Wi-Fi Hotspots

Ruckus Wireless Installs Campus-wide 11ac Wi-Fi in Australia and Brazil



Broadcom Launches New SoC of Cablecos STB



Verizon’s FreeBee Data 360 Now Applies to Go90



4K Sets Take 40% of Stores’ Shelf Space

4K Sets Are Replacing HD Sets on Retailers’ Shelves

Mobile Video to Account for 75% of Data Traffic by 2020

Commercial Breaks Don’t Have to Exist in 81% of US Households

Latin American OTT Market Slow to Start but Gaining Speed



The Most Profound Change in Entertainment

You.i TV Co founder: Netflix to Have a Guide

Super Bowl Possibly a Super Flop for Facebook’s Sports Stadium

Disney and ESPN Have Mixed Feelings about Skinny Bundles


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