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AT&T Shows the Future of Wireless Broadband: 5G

About this item: AT&T promises ‘low latency’ when as it announces its roadmap for its 5G wireless network. Low latency is important because it’s a malady that satcos broadband sub-scribers encounter and one which wireline broadband subscribers don’t have.

Nokia Reorganizes to Assimilate Telecom Giant Alcatel Lucent



Comcast’s Fandango Acquires Two More OTT Properties: Rotten Tomatoes & Flixster

Internet Is Bringing Major Changes to Retail Market Too

Bye Bye 3D TVS



Tongfang Global Plans for Its New Westinghouse 4K TVs to Meet UltraHD Premium’ Standard

Sony Aims to Be Leader in 4K Cameras

4K TVs Deliver Better Picture Quality than Theaters

New Sony 4K TVs All Have HDR



Wowza Unveils Software & Service for Live Social Video Streams

Vidmind Remerges with a Major OTT Order

CBS and Cablevision Strike a Live Stream Deal

Acorn TV, Apps Offering What Pay TV Isn’t

HBO Has Plans for Global Expansion

Global Netflix Proves the Power of Niche Audiences

FuboTV Expands Internet TV Service with 15 TV Networks

Magine Updates Streaming TV Offering with 2 New Genre Bundles

The Next Phase of BBC’s Internet Future: No More Radio, TV Divisions

Dailymotion Looks for Broadcast Quality’ Video Streams in Asia



Instagram Feature Puts a Number on Video Views

Exclusive Content Coming From Streamup

Apple is Creating Original Video Content

YouTuber Creates 2nd Original Series for Hulu



More Than 4b Devices Have ARM-based Microprocessors

9 Telcos Form Alliance to Find Content & Applications


BROADBAND BEAT Marches on This Time at Japan’s Energia Communications

Casa Systems Takes DOCSIS 3.1 to 400 Mbps Upstream

The G’ In Does Not Stand for Gigabyte

Australia’s National Broadband Network Company Loves DOCSIS 3.1

University College London Designs Low-Cost Fiber Receiver/Modem

HUBER+SUHNER: Early Adopters of Fiber Have Been the Biggest Winners’



AT&T’s Reported Pay TV Switch to DirecTV from U-Verse Has Major Implications

A Gig to the Home & a Gig in the Home

MoCA Looks to Extend Speeds: 400 to 800 Mbps Now and 2.5 Gbps Later



FCC’s Open Set Top Rules to Be Greeted by Lawsuits & Foot Dragging

Cableco Buckeye Goes All TiVo

TiVo’s Cubiware Lands Middleware Deal with Bangladesh Pay TV Service

For a Limited Time Spotify Offering Free’ Chromecast



5G Will Make Australia’s National Broadband Network Redundant’

Brocade Launches Products & Services for 5G

Ranplan’s iBuildNet Helps Cellcos Build Combined Cellular/Wi-Fi Networks

ARM Develops Processor for 5G Speeds



Reports Agree: Mobile Video Traffic Will Continue to Ramp Up

Netflix’s Global Expansion Will Propel Subs to 175m by 2020

Video-Streaming Net-Top Boxes to Reach 60m Devices Shipped by 2019

Concerning Netflix and Pay TV Integration Convenience Trumps Competition



Nokia Erases the Name Alcatel Lucent’

Netflix Adds to Satisfaction with Pay TV

AT&T May Abandon U-verse Broadband Just as It Is Abandoning U-verse TV

All Cellular Product Announcements Say 5G’

Huawei Has Made 100m FTTH Terminals

Huawei: 4.5G Needed Now Instead of Waiting for 5G


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