Wowza Unveils Software & Service for Live Social Video Streams

– Gets Mobile Apps That Scale to Market Faster & at Less Cost
– Live Video Broadcasting Made Easy

The next big “killer app” that will increase the demand for bandwidth is most likely to be live video social apps such as Periscope, Meerkat, Snapchat, Twitch and the two giants – Facebook and YouTube.

Organizations that want to participate in the live video streaming market (for more information see our report) will need software and services that help them get to market quickly with live video streams that scale quickly.

Wowza Media Systems, developers of software and cloud-based services for managing high-quality video and audio streaming, has announced its Wowza GoCoder SDK (software development kit) for end-to-end mobile live video app development.

It said that any size organization “can now quickly and affordably create their own new and improved apps that incorporate high-quality live video streaming on iOS and Android platforms, enabling their users to broadcast live from mobile devices anywhere at any time.”



The race is on for quick and affordable live streaming tools


Wowza said its service can be used by live-video social apps such as Periscope, which uses Wowza technology, aerial reconnaissance via drones, live sporting events and insurance claim damage reporting. It might have added many others such as healthcare, tele-education, live documentaries, plus mobile citizen journalism and sports coverage.

Its software and service, it said, allows its customers to deploy apps quickly and ensure that they can scale while maintaining high performance levels, something that in the past has been expensive and cumbersome.

It estimates that its GoCoder SDK can save app developers “thousands of hours and costly delays” while allowing them to capture and stream live video that will be viewed on increasing numbers of iOS and Android mobile devices. By using the Wowza Streaming Engine software and the Wowza Streaming Cloudservice, companies can provide “a true end-to-end mobile broadcasting solution, using proven technology to speed time-to-market, lower development costs, and enable unlimited scalability.”

Justin C Anderson, co-founder, president and CEO of G9MD, said his company’s soon to launch the G9MD.TV Live Video Streaming and Broadcasting Platform for Healthcare will enable physicians worldwide to share knowledge and to advance surgical techniques through mobile live video streaming.” It said that with Wowza Media Systems technology and service, it “allows G9MD to shape the future of medicine.”

Wowza Media Systems VP and streaming industry evangelist Chris Knowlton has said, “Look for mobile live streaming trends – live-video-enabled apps and targeted video advertising – to intensify as more content providers, news organizations, entertainers and businesses in other industry segments increasingly turn to Facebook, Periscope and other streaming-enabled apps as content outlets.”

Frost & Sullivan’s principal for digital transformation practice Avni Rambhia said, “Our growing global society has an obsession with mobile that continues to drive the reshaping of technology. Mobile broadcasting in particular is exploding, with live video increasingly expected by users who demand real-time access to events.” Rambhia also said Wowza’s mobile video app toolkit brings together all aspects of the live video streaming workflow.

The Wowza GoCoder SDK, Wowza said, provides detailed control of video and audio encoder settings, including support for video resolution up to 4K. Its Dynamic Control feature includes multiple-camera support, enabling dynamic control of focus, exposure, and the flashlight/torch.

Wowza Media Systems CEO and co-founder David Stubenvoll said, “Wowza GoCoder SDK further enhances our offerings across the entire mobile live video streaming workflow, from capture and encoding, to transcoding and repackaging, to delivery and consumption. We now …

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