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Sony Launches $30 per Month Vue’ Internet TV Service Nationwide

Background to this item: The Internet TV market just gained a lot of steam and a strong competitor with the recent nationwide launch of Sony’s streaming pay TV service PlayStation Vue. Anyone in the US with a Sony PlayStation or Amazon Fire TV device can now subscribe to the Internet TV service, making Sony the first so-called “virtual MSO” to directly challenge every pay TV provider in the US.



Newest Broadcast TV Technology ATSC 3.0 to Be Shown at NAB

Live Streaming Is Already A Thing’

New-Release Rental Service Gains Steam But Not a Viable Option for Most

Livit Launches VR-Like Live Streaming Social Network

Intel Hopes VR Craze Will Drive PC Sales

Sky Creates VR Studio, Releases 2 Films via Facebook

Sony Reveals $400 PlayStation VR Headset



HDR Takes 10-25% More Bandwidth

4K/UHD Blu-ray Players Start Shipping

Consumer Confusing Jargon Creeps in to 4K Marketing

Sky UK to Launch 4K This Summer

4K Roku TVs Are Becoming Affordable

Orange to Release 4K VoD Service via Livebox’



A Slate of Classic TV Programs Is Now Streaming

Turner Touts Upcoming Launch of Internet TV Services

Verizon Buys Broadcast-to-OTT Platform Volicon

M-Go Will Be Re-Branded as FandangoNOW’ after Comcast Acquisition

Twitch Boosts Creator’ Platform with Julia Child Marathon

Cellfish Buys TeVolution



Go90 Original Content Offerings Cover Multitude of Genres and Creators

AT&T’s Hello Lab’ Initiative Disrupts Traditional Content Categories



Cablecos Continue to Gobble Up Telcos’ Broadband Market Share

More Video on Mobiles But Drift Is Back to Smart TVs

OTT and Pay TV Growth Synonymous in Mexico

Over Half of Americans Use the Second Screen

Germany is Pro-OTT


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