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Newest Broadcast TV Technology ATSC 3.0 to Be Shown at NAB

Background to this item: (The Subtitle Could Be ‘Broadcasters Fight Back’ against OTT) – 4K & Mobile TV Too. Over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts are the best bargain for video entertainment – free. Coupled with a DVR that records OTA broadcasts and an OTT service or two, the combination can provide thousands of hours of video entertainment and information.



Amazon’s Echo Speaker Does Checking

Live Streaming Is Already A Thing’

New-Release Rental Service Gains Steam But Not a Viable Option for Most

Livit Launches VR-Like Live Streaming Social Network

Intel Hopes VR Craze Will Drive PC Sales

Sky Creates VR Studio, Releases 2 Films via Facebook



HDR Takes 10-25% More Bandwidth

4K/UHD Blu-ray Players Start Shipping

Sky UK to Launch 4K This Summer

4K Roku TVs Are Becoming Affordable

Orange to Release 4K VoD Service via Livebox’



Sony Launches $30 per Month Vue’ Internet TV Service Nationwide



Adtran: Existing All-Fiber Networks Are Ripe for Upgrading

Tensorcom Offers Smaller, Faster, Lower Power Wi-Fi/USB Chips

Altice Buys Arris Gear for Gigabit Broadband Rollout

Mediacom Extends Gigabit Network to All Homes in Its 1,500 Home Footprint

AT&T Extends Its Gigabit Fiber Broadband

Iceland to Get G.Fast-based Broadband

Comcast to Soon Trial DOSIS 3.1 in Two Locations

Fiber Is the Future but G.Fast Is Here Now

Leading Cable Companies Seeing Smaller Losses



7 Recommendations for Improving HomePlug Powerline Performance



Verizon Captures Video Capturing Outfit Volicon

Cellfish Buys TeVolution

New Passive’ Wi-Fi Increases Battery Usage in Mobile Devices



5G Is a Revolution

FCC Chief Promises US to Lead the World in 5G Spectrum



Cablecos Continue to Gobble Up Telcos’ Broadband Market Share

In Six Years 98% of Cars Will Be Connected to the Net

Ericsson Cuts Number of Connected Devices to Only’ 28 Billion in 2012

More Video on Mobiles But Drift Is Back to Smart TVs

OTT and Pay TV Growth Synonymous in Mexico



11 and 4

ZDNet Discovers

Germany is Pro-OTT


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