Preview: Technicolor Steps in to Save Pay TV Services from the Ravages of 4K-capable OTT Services

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– Pay TV Services May Soon Offer HDR that Rivals 4K Picture Quality & Takes Much Less Bandwidth

In anticipation of the upcoming NAB trade show where HDR (High Dynamic Range) will be a bright star, Technicolor’s VP of partnership relations and business development Mark Turner said that OTT services threaten pay TV (PTV) companies because they have been able to offer HDR content much faster than pay TV services (as they have with 4K).

Unlike pay TV services, OTT services are largely software-based, without set-top boxes and DVRs to buy and deploy in subscribers’ homes. OTT services don’t have large and expensive networks to build, upgrade and maintain.


Technicolor HDR sols

Before and after: Technicolor is anticipating brisk business in HDR solutions


Consequently OTT services have been able to offer HDR content in a matter of months.

Based on what the UHD Alliance told The Online Reporter: HDR is not dependent on having a 4K video. HDR can be used to improve the picture quality of 1080p and lower resolutions.

What does that mean? Existing wireline PTV services and cellcos could greatly improve their picture quality without having to make enormous and very costly upgrades to their networks.

If HDR is as good as promised, they could offer picture quality that approaches, even equals or surpasses, 4K – and needing only 5% to 25% more bandwidth than what they already have. HDR viewing does require HDR content, which means HDR-capable cameras, production gear and TV sets are required – which means HDR could be soon be available for sports and other live events such as live broadcasts and news.

The Online Reporter has been assiduously tracking the progress of HDR since its beginnings (October 2014 was our first sighting) and its promise to make a bigger improvement in picture quality than that of 4K.

We are now making this prediction: Wireline pay TV services and cellcos will offer HDR versions of 1080p and lesser resolutions long before they offer 4K. HDR give them more bang for the buck – a major improvement in picture quality that needs far less bandwidth than ….
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