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NFL Deal Crowns Twitter the Newest Global Video Broadcaster

Background to this item: This is Twitter’s first venture into streaming live sports. Many speculated Verizon would win the deal, as it already offers live Sunday night NFL games to its mobile subs and on its mobile OTT service Go90. Instead, the NFL has taken a gamble with Twitter. The decline of the traditional linear TV model is occurring faster than the broadcasting deals, and the NFL is looking for ways to bring its immensely popular content into the brave new world of Internet TV.

Wowza Goes into the Lion’s Den at NAB

Sony Consolidates to Form Sony Interactive Entertainment



France’s TF1 Live Streams World’s First’ VR Football Match



YouTube Expanding Empire into Live Streaming Space

Facebook Will Let Users Browse Live Streams like TV Channels

Yahoo Adds MLB to Its Growing Coffer of Live Sports

UK’s Channel 4 Now Offering Live TV on Android Apps

AOL’s Kanvas Platform Extends Support to Android

Starz Taking Its Pay TV Content To the OTT Masses

FastFilmz and V-Nova Bring OTT Mobile Video Service to India

UK’s Curzon Sees Value in SVoD

TV Channels Going OTT on AIS Platforms

BBC Content For Tencent Online Platforms

ITV Drama Picked up by Netflix



Verizon Bets on Mobile Video Again with YouTube MCN

Vivendi Brings Premium Content to Mobile with Studio+’

RTL: We Now Compete with Facebook and YouTube

Comedy Central Utilizing Snapchat to Reach Fans

YouTube Red Keeps the Originals Coming



4K Is No Longer Enough



FCC Chairman: Netflix Did Not Violate FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules

Sprint Offers Unlimited Data to Its Subscribers to Amazon Prime for $11/month



Internet TV Will Account for 38% of Viewing Time by 2025

4K Sets Will Be in 23.8% of World’s Residences This Year 53m Sets

Average Viewers Age

3m French Viewers Watch Internet TV Daily

Viewers Worldwide Turn to Mobile Screens as TV Replacements

Traditional Media Is Gaining Traction on Snapchat

Connected TV Usage Grows 66% in One Year

YouTube Channel Subscribers Growing Rapidly

The New Normal’ in TV Hits

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