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Arris-Made Powerline Adapters Show up at Bell Canada

Samsung Leads the TV Market

About this item: Why is Samsung the world’s number one maker of TV sets? you ask. Great sets are one answer. Samsung puts a lot of emphasis on the screen’s brightness and works to have that brightness show in retailers’ show rooms. That is one of the reasons that Samsung is so interested to adding HDR capability to its 4K sets…

Verizon Completes Sale of More Landline Footprint to Frontier

Vodafone Eyes Acquiring Wireline Service Provider in India



Smart Home Market Still Wobbly



France’s TF1 Live Streams World’s First’ VR Football Match



Denon’s New Receivers Have 4K+HDR+HDMI 2.0a+HDCP 2.2+Dolby Atmos

4K Is No Longer Enough



NFL Deal Crowns Twitter the Newest Global Video Broadcaster

YouTube Expanding Empire into Live Streaming Space

Facebook Will Let Users Browse Live Streams like TV Channels

Yahoo Adds MLB to Its Growing Coffer of Live Sports

UK’s Channel 4 Now Offering Live TV on Android Apps

TV Channels Going OTT on AIS Platforms


AT&T’s Dual Broadband Strategy

Rivals Are Emerging to BT’s Fiber’ Network

Misleading Broadband Marketing Leads FCC to Propose Nutrition-like Labels



Brocade Dives into the Wi-Fi Market by Acquiring Ruckus Wireless

HomeGrid Forum Prez to Talk about Guaranteed Interoperability & Speeds at CTA Event



AirTies to Offer Future-Proof STB in the States



Microsoft’s Build Is Silent on Smartphones; Got Scarcely a Mention

FCC Chairman: Netflix Did Not Violate FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules

Sprint Offers Unlimited Data to Its Subscribers to Amazon Prime for $11/month



Internet TV Will Account for 38% of Viewing Time by 2025

Bell Canada’s Broadband Speeds

4K Sets Will Be in 23.8% of World’s Residences This Year 53m Sets

Average Viewers Age

3m French Viewers Watch Internet TV Daily

Viewers Worldwide Turn to Mobile Screens as TV Replacements

Connected TV Usage Grows 66% in One Year

YouTube Channel Subscribers Growing Rapidly



Wowza Goes into the Lion’s Den at NAB

Xiaomi Goes into Lion’s Den to Sell Its 4K TV Sets – South Korea

Marvell’s Board Fires CEO and President

934K and HDR: A Match Made in Heaven, or Rival Technologies?”

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