Hurray! HTC 10 Smartphone Supports AirPlay Licensed from Apple

– Will Open a Big Market – for HTC 10 and for Apple’s iTunes

Hey, someone finally did it!

HTC’s new model 10 smartphone is the first smartphone ever to support Apple’s AirPlay – although only for audio streams, not videos.

By virtue of having licensed AirPlay from Apple, HTC promised to keep up with the AirPlay specification as Apple updates it.


The new HTC 10: inclusion of AirPlay may be a trend setter


There are a number of unauthorized Android apps, such as DoubleTwist and Allcast, that support AirPlay.

The attraction of AirPlay is three-fold:

– AirPlay is fully compatible with Apple’s iTunes, both as a player and for managing tracks and playlists

– AirPlay provides uncompressed and much higher quality streaming than Bluetooth

– There is a long list of AirPlay compatible devices that HTC owners will be able to use

Many people have selected iPhones rather than leave Apple’s ecosystem, of which the most important part for many is AirPlay.

HTC’s 10 also has a high resolution Ultrapixel camera, expandable storage and a large battery.

HTC may have started a trend. Because Apple’s iPhones are pricey – despite the new iPhone 5SE being Apple’s least expensive iPhone ever, many people have been attracted to consider Android smartphones. The HTC 10 removes what had been a barrier to many Apple lovers – iTunes. Samsung, LG and other makers of Android-based smartphones will be forced to add AirPlay.

The move is also a good one for Apple. Its services, such as iTunes, will be money makers long after its hardware becomes out of favor. Having other equipment makers support iTunes will …

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On a Personal Note writes Charles Hall, editor …

“When I decided to switch from a basic flip-phone to a smartphone a few years ago, I never considered any brand except Apple’s.

That is because I use iTunes to play and manage content on three PCs, use iTunes to buy content and own two Apple TVs that are used to play audio on two different surround sound systems – one that’s connected to a 4K TV and pricey surround speakers and one that’s connected to all the other speakers in the house.

In addition I own two standalone speakers that support iTunes on my iPhone and iPad. How many other homes have a similar ‘iTunes ecosystem’.

Now I could buy a HTC 10 and have it be compatible with the Apple ecosystem.”

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