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Amazon’s Monthly Prime Video’ Won’t Challenge Netflix

Background behind this analysis: The subscription video streaming service market is growing more competitive by the day and Amazon’s decision to offer Prime Video monthly subscriptions is adding fuel to the streaming market fire. But consumers aren’t likely to dump Netflix despite what anyone says about Amazon’s newest offerings being a “Netflix killer”.



Home Viewing Beats the Theater Experience



Sony Films for Sky’s Masses



YouTube Introduces 360-Degree Live Streams

Over 15 Major Media Companies Are Now Creating VR Content

VR Has Content Owners in “a Fever Pitch”

Is VR the Gigabit App We’ve Been Waiting For?

NAB Used as VR Vantage Point for New Cameras

VR Will Complement Broadcasts

Sports Teams Now Practice with VR Headsets

AOL Acquires a VR Start-Up

Ericsson Want to Bring Augmented Reality to Broadcasters


4K / HDR / UHD

Ericsson: HDR Is a Better Investment for Producers, Even for 1080p Content

HDR Won’t Come Quickly

Technology Rushes on; Nothing Stands Still

1080p HD with HDR & Wide Color Range Is Absolutely’ Coming to Broadcasters & Consumers

Ateme Adopts Technicolor’s HDR Distribution Technology

HBO to Use Arris Gear to Deliver Content in 4K

Netflix Makes An HDR Promise

NAB Show: 4K, HDR, VR/AR, OTT & Drones in a Multi-Screen World



Netflix Has 81.5m Global Subscribers

Verizon Gearing up for Next-Gen TV Service

Yahoo Dives Deeper into eSports

Sony’s Crackle Becomes Respectable with First Cable Deal

Sling TV Targeting Over-the-Air TV

Irish TV Hops the Pond

BBC Embraces Children’s Programming

NBCU Continues TV Everywhere Efforts

Netflix’s Global Ambitions Could Change Stance on Content Downloads



Verizon and Hearst Add to Millennial Offerings with Latest Purchase

MTV’s Cribs’ to Be Revived on Snapchat

YouTube Music Initiative to Help Artists Grow Video Platform Presence



Kaltura & Encompass Team Up on TV Platform for OTT Services

New Comcast Technology Allows Broadcasters & Pay TV Services to Operate OTT Services

Disney Wants in on Major League Baseball’s Video Tech Introduces Live Streaming Solution to Content Providers



Actiontec: Beam Anything from a PC’s or Smartphone’s Display to a TV



Parks Says Time Spent Watching TV: 28.8 Hours per Week

Split-Screen App Feature Boosts MLB’s iPad Live Viewing

Online Video Set to Swell 22% Per Year in Asia

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