7 Ways to Check if Your New TV Set is Already Obsolete

We re-publish this chart to make a few points that sloppy reporting often gets wrong, misleading consumers about which TV set (including UHD 4K TVs) that should buy to make sure it’s not obsolete.

Roadmap to next-generation TV

The 7 technologies to check are:

CE (Consumer Electronics) Connectivity


Frame Rate

Color Depth

Dynamic Range

Color Gamut



Television Set Buying Notes

– The term “4K” refers to resolution, not any of the other technologies that are in UHD.

– 4K is most definitely not 4K nor is it the only technology that’s in UHD.

– UHD is a developing standard as shown in this chart.


– As of 2016, UHD includes:


HDMI 2.0a for copyright-protected content


10-bit color depth

HDR of at least 500 nits

The wide color gamut defined by Rec. 2020 WCG

Notably not included is object-based audio, also called immersive audio or 3D audio.

Not all current content has those capabilities – most don’t – but in time they will so why buy a TV that doesn’t take advantage of them.

At various times in the future, UHD TVs and content will get 8K, 120fps, 12-bit color depth and object-based audio. But, how long do you want to wait until you start enjoying the next-generation TVs and content that are available today.

Our recommendation? Buy one now, one with all the latest technologies – as soon as prices drop to fit your budget – and another about 2022.

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