NomadTV: Anyone Can Create & Operate Their Own OTT Service

– Use As Is or Customize with No Up-front Fees
– Supports Multiple Platforms including Chromecast
– What Are the Implications for the Broadband & Home Network Industries?

Could every company eventually have its own OTT service? Or, even individuals? And, if that happens, what would the implications for the broadband and home network industries?

Most mid-size and larger companies and every government entity has a library of videos – or could create them easily and inexpensively with today’s easy-to-use smartphones – on topics the outside world would like to see – everything from PR to product information to training to procedures to educational to, well, you name it.

Nomads, which provides software tools for the rapid development of “white label” OTT video services, has launched NomadTV, which companies and individuals that own video content can use to create their own brand of Netflix-like apps for mobile and Web connected devices.

It supports the most popular OTT business models, including ads, subscriptions and pay-per-view monetization. It works on popular platforms – iOS, Android and Windows – as well as Chromecast.

Nomads CEO Andrej Kostresevic said, “The cost of entry into an Internet-based OTT distribution model is much lower than broadcast, and we know consumer expectations about being able to access video when and where they want it is a top driver of that shift.”

Nomads, based in Miami and Los Angeles, says customers can get their OTT service up and running with no upfront payments to Nomads, only pay-as-you-go pricing, and within a matter of weeks. Think of the many small studios and up-start video would-be directors to whom that will appeal. And bloggers that want to offer ad-supported videos.

Nomad calculator copy

OTT calculator: hours of fun for sales forecasters

One of the remarkable services that Nomads provides – for free – is a simple return-on-investment calculator that potential customers can use to estimate the cost of building and operating an OTT service plus its potential revenue. The calculator asks the potential customer to enter the variables and it makes the calculations. It’s an interactive calculator so users get instant answers as they use different variables. It only takes a minute or two to try it at:

The calculator asks:
How many active users per month?
How many hours of video per user per month?
How many hours of video in your content catalog?
NomadTV: Anyone Can Create & OperateTheir Own OTT Service
– Use As Is or Customize with No Up-front Fees
– Supports Multiple Platforms including Chromecast
– What Are the Implications for the Broadband & Home Network Industries?
What’s your projected CPM?
How many ads per hour of video will be shown?
How much do users pay per month?
Based on those numbers, it then instantly provides the costs of:
Total Infrastructure Cost
Ad Revenue
Subscription Revenue
Total Revenue

Nomads says NomadTV is “a new and cost-effective way for anyone to create their own branded multi-screen video streaming services, which in turn allows them to reach and monetize their audiences directly.”

Nomads’ four selling points are:
Scalability: It says it has made some of the he highest visibility video product launches in the US – but did not name names. Its platform, it said, “is designed for effortless scalability leveraging AWS, multiple CDNs and best-in-class in-dustry components.
Fast: it says that with NomadTV, OTT apps will be up and running in as little as three weeks.
Current: It says…

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