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Walmart Presents Shoppers a Game Plan for Cutting the Cord

Background to this item: Walmart, which has 100 million shoppers a week, has laid out a game plan for those shoppers to cut the cord. Those cord cutters and other frequent users of OTT services will be happy to know that the new Wave 2 version of Wi-Fi will help streaming simultaneously multiple videos, especially in homes with lots of people, say a couple of kids and their friends

Pay TV services had better get their best strategy people together to figure out how to stop the coming onslaught of cord cutting. That includes looking at their pricing, adding their own and other companies’ OTT services (as Comcast did this week with Netflix) plus get on their subscribers’ good side by improving their customer service. Broadband service, wireless and wireline, need to get in on the coming explosion in demand for bandwidth by continuing to up-grade their networks and attracting new subscribers.

Disney Hopes to Secure Internet TV Future with BAM Tech

Content Owners Invest in Streaming Tech



US Cellcos Face Major, Costly Disruptions

Retrans Fees Are the Gift That Keeps on Giving for US Broadcasters



Nordic Broadcaster MTG Plans VR & UHD Coverage of Olympics

Adult Content Is Driving VR Early Adoption



New ITU Standard Brings TV Industry Closer to HDR on Existing 1080p HD Channels

4K Comes to Live Football and to Italy

Net Insight Lands Deal to Build 4K Network Connecting 20 Stadiums

Swisscom Picks Cisco’s Ultra HD Live Encoding

Panasonic Launches Ultra HD Blu-ray Player for Audiophiles

HDR Needs an Open Ecosystem



Comcast Hopes to Woo Regulators with Netflix STB Deal

MyTV SUPER OTT Service Expanding after Hitting 100,000 Users



Food Networks Find Life on Live Streaming Platforms Video App Enters the Live Streaming Space

BroadwayHD Live Streams She Loves Me”



The Four Trends that Will Cause Major Disruptions in the Media & Technology Industries



Cablecos Show Interest in 5G as CableLabs Joins 5G Testing Race

Millimeter Wave Technology Used to Build Wireless Network in Santa Cruz, California

Orange’s Stake In BandwidthX Could Drive Further Disruption in Wi-Fi Market

Cellcos to Launch 5G in at Least One City in Every EU Country by 2020

US Cablecos to Enter Wireless Broadband Market

Local TV Stations May Not Be Able to Sell All Their Spectrum



The Next Generation of Wi-Fi Has Arrived: Wave 2 of 11ac

Wi-Fi Alliance Picks Quantenna’s Wave 2 Chips for New Test Bed



Hitachi Joins 4 other TV Makers in the Roku Parade



Cisco Sees the Dawn of 4K Coming

World Is Getting Ready for the Onslaught of 4K

Spanish Consumers Like Free-to-Air TV and Internet-connected TVs

The OTT World Is Crying Loudly for Faster Broadband & Home Networking

Mobile Video Revenue to Grow as Advertisers Are Desperate to Reach Eyeballs

Pay TV Subs Watch Just as Much SVoD Programming as They Do Cable

14% of 35 and Older US Smartphone Users On Snapchat



HDR Is Next Step to Virtual Reality

The Changing World of Online Shopping

People Are Keeping iPhones Longer

Live Streaming Is an Opportunity for Advertisers

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