Buying a 4K TV Set? Don’t Leave the Store without HDR

by Charles Hall

Amazon’s recent Prime shopping day offered a couple of 2016 Samsung 4K TVs with HDR at about half the price they are in retail stores so The Online Reporter ordered one – the 55-inch, curved model KU6600 4K UHD TV with HDR at $649.99.

The 55-inch version of that TV was also available. Despite several retail sales reps telling me that curved models were not worth the difference in price, I decided to try a curved one at this very low price.

The picture quality? Fantastic!

Truly a much bigger improvement than I had experienced when I bought my first 4K set to replace a very good LG 1080p TV. Amazing – even watching a cableco’s pay TV service – even its often less than stellar live videos from the political conventions and news shows.

4K shows streamed from Netflix were better than before although not as big an improvement as there is for pay TV shows.

A word or two of advice: Don’t leave the store, online or in the mall, without a 4K set that has HDR.

Don’t waste your money on a 4K TV that is already obsolete and obsolete it is without HDR.

As was the case with upconversion on 4K, all shows look better, not just those that are shot in HDR because HDR sets upconvert lesser quality videos to near HDR quality.

Don’t listen to the same cynical naysayers who always say, “Wait. Wait. Wait” and deprive you of the viewing pleasure a 4K TV with HDR can bring you now – yes, even with existing 720p and 1080p HD content.

If necessary, keep the old set until your budget allows you to buy a 4K set with HDR that’s as large as your budget allows.

HDR is that good…

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