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What stood out this week: Verizon’s first rollout of 5G will be for last-mile hybrid fiber/5G broadband connections.

Amazon wants to build drone docking stations on utility poles & tall structures that could serve as 5G cells.

Windstream will install Calix’s first ever Sckipio-based bonded gear in MDUs for speeds up to 1 Gbps.



Verizon Will First Use 5G to Create Fixed Wireless Broadband Networks

Background to this item: Cellcos don’t need 5G for people to make phone calls. Their existing 4G networks have more than enough bandwidth for that. Cellcos also don’t need 5G for “things” to talk to each other (IoT) except for uses such as smart cars and smart cities because most IoT devices use very little bandwidth – although some need the low-latency that 5G provides. What cellcos need is to make 5G economically feasible for them. For that cellcos need people to watch lots and lots of videos that take lots of bandwidth, especially 4K videos, live streaming, VR and AR. The thought of live streaming has cellcos drooling. Notice what Verizon said this week about one reason it paid almost $5 billion to acquire Yahoo – live streaming of sports.

A Very Different Tale of Two Telecom Equipment Makers

Verizon Sporting Optimistic Programming Plans Due to Yahoo Purchase



Amazon Wants to Build Drone Docks on Utility Poles & Tall Structures


Periscope Enables Broadcast Embedding on Web



DirecTV to Offer Limited 4K Coverage of the Olympics

Sky to Launch 4K Channel with Live Football

Finally! US Cablecos about to Launch 4K Trials



Apple Music Continues Video Strategy with TV Series Purchase



Twitter Is Slowly Becoming a Digital Sports Network

Redbox Digital Could Eliminate Physical DVD Rentals for Good

Has LeEco just Bought the Wrong Company to Take the US by Storm?

PlayStation Vue Scores Football Deal

Amazon Prime Extending Streaming Partners Program Reach



Windstream to Install Calix’s Sckipio-based Gear in MDUs

Adtran’s Gear on Trial at More than 60 Telcos

All-Fiber Gigabit Networks Come to American Small Towns, Really Small

Ofcom Forcing BT to Make Openreach an Independent Entity

Ofcom Should Look for a Technical Answer to the Openreach Problem

AT&T Numbers Omit Detail to Paint a Better Pay TV Picture

Telekom Austria Jumps on Europe’s Hybrid LTE/Wireline Bandwagon



Huawei & Vodafone Hit 20 Gbps 5G Peak Rate

T-Mobile Giving Free Unlimited Data to US Athletes and Rio Games-goers



AirTies Lands Frontier Wi-Fi Deal for Its Smart Mesh

TP-Link Announces HomePlug AV2-based Wi-Fi Extender



Market for VR & AR to Increase to $150b by 2020



Verizon’s Acquisition of Yahoo Ends Marissa Mayer’s String of Failures

Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality?

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