Mimosa’s Wireless Broadband Gear Brings Fiber-Like 1 Gbps to Rio during Olympics

– Bandwidth Demand during Olympics Increased 700% in Densely Populated Rio

– Copacabana Beach Hotels, Cruise Ship, Satco & Others Got 20 – 200 Mbps More Bandwidth

Mimosa, maker of broadband equipment for “cloud-managed, fiber-fast fixed wireless networks,” enabled the Brazilian broadband service provider TNB Telecom to provide an additional 1 Gbps of bandwidth in Rio throughout the Rio Olympics, which caused a 700% surge in demand for bandwidth. TNB used Mimosa gear for locations throughout the city such as the highly congested Copacabana Beach hotel area where many international visitors stayed.

After two days of testing TNB deployed Mimosa B5c connectorized radios and B5-Lite backhaul radios. Even during the busiest periods, TNB customers got between 20 Mbps to 200 Mbps bandwidth, in extremely difficult environments that had high levels of signal interference and floor noise. TNB was also able to supply additional providers with capacity to serve their customers including to a ship docked close to Rio’s Museum of Tomorrow that needed an additional 250 Mbps for its crew and passengers plus an international satco that needed 100 Mbps full duplex between two of its buildings in downtown Rio.

Mimosa's backhaul radios

Mimosa’s backhaul radios

Felipe Ouro Preto, operations manager at TNB Telecom, said, “We were surprised by the number of opportunities that arose during the summer. “We examined a number of alternatives but the only way to quickly deliver the extra bandwidth required while considering cost and availability of products was to use Mimosa backhaul radios.”

Mimosa’s Brazilian reseller Click Mobile installed the Mimosa gear. “Mimosa B5c challenges the previous notions on delivering high bandwidth in 5.8 GHz,” Its CEO Fabio Moreira said, “Even in a major metro area such as Rio de Janeiro, where multiple overlaid ISPs networks compete for spectrum, with good RF planning and the right antennas it is now possible to deploy quick and stable links with a fraction of a cost of licensed radios.”

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