MIT’s MegaMIMO 2.0 Wi-Fi Technology Can Triple Wi-Fi Speed & Double Its Range

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) say they have developed a Wi-Fi-based technology called MegaMIMO 2.0 that can triple the speed and double the range for transmitting data wirelessly. If a Wi-Fi chipmaker such as Qualcomm, Marvell or Broadcom were to find the technology feasible, it could be embedded in chips that go in residential Wi-Fi routers that the likes of Netgear and Belkin’s Linksys make. Consumers and service providers would love that – triple the speed and twice the range. It would also be used in businesses because they have to support smartphones and tablets.

In addition to homes that have lots of Wi-Fi devices being used simultaneously, MegaMIMO 2.0 would be especially beneficial in crowded locations such as stadiums, airports and university and business campuses – plus. That would benefit thousands of users of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other Internet-capable devices that simultaneously compete for a slice of Wi-Fi, which slows the network’s performance.

Lead researcher Ezzeldin Hamed told Science Art that adding more routers, extenders and other Wi-Fi access points won’t solve the problem in crowded areas. He said, “In today’s wireless world, you can’t solve spectrum crunch by throwing more transmitters at the problem, because they will all still be interfering with one another. The answer is to have all those access points work with each other simultaneously to efficiently use the available spectrum.”

MegaMIMO 2.0 works by taking charge of multiple access points and orchestrates simultaneous transfers without interference. It uses an algorithm that lets more than one access point use the same spectrum. The current MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) technology allows multiple devices to receive signals from more than one transmitter. Adding in an access point introduces interference in today’s systems, which the new MegaMIMO 2.0 is said to solve…

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