AirTies’ New Wi-Fi Access Points ‘Mesh’ to Provide High-speed, Whole-home Wireless Networking

More than 831 million residences will have Wi-Fi networks by 2021, and those homes are relying on residential Wi-Fi networks more than ever because of the growing number of connected devices in the home, according to ABI Research, which said that “broadband service providers need to invest more in home Wi-Fi solutions, like Wi-Fi Mesh network systems, or run the risk of customer churn.”

AirTies Wireless Networks is stepping into that opportunity with new Wi-Fi mesh access points that are placed around the home and communicate with each other wirelessly to provide bandwidth that is fast and reliable enough to stream multiple 4K videos throughout the home. Unfortunately, the AirTies mesh access points will only be available through broadband service providers.

AirTies says its new “next-generation, ultra-performance” in-home Wi-Fi mesh system is capable of streaming multiple 4K videos simultaneously and supporting devices and services such as smart monitoring, home security, virtual reality and IoT. AirTies said its Wi-Fi mesh system “meets the acute needs” of service providers to improve home Wi-Fi and will also allow them to monetize Wi-Fi as a premium service.

Until now, Wi-Fi systems used a single a router/gateway as the home’s only Access Point (AP). AirTies new system uses multiple APs called Air 4830 that are placed around the home to create an intelligent mesh network that “ensures consistent performance of high quality, whole-home Internet coverage.” The Air 4830s access points support 2 Gbps total wireless speed and have state-of-the-art 4×4 11ac Wave 2 Mu-MIMO technology at 5GHz simultaneously with 2×2 11n technology at 2.4 GHz.

AirTies said the Air 4830 units connect to each other wirelessly using AirTies’ Wi-Fi Mesh, which creates alternate data paths between multiple APs to deliver more resilient and higher capacity data streams throughout the home. The product delivers exceptional and consistent performance throughout the home. Air 4830s include AirTies’ unique Client Steering technology to ensure devices continually connect to the best available access point and frequency bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) based on real-time network usage. In addition, the system supports AirTies Remove View, version 1.0, a cloud-based, beta in-home performance monitoring system to support installers and network engineering teams.

The Air 4830, which will be available by year-end, is plug and play with a one-touch button that make for an easy user installation. AirTies said its automatic network optimization can drive down the costs of customer support and truck rolls. AirTies said the Air 4830 mesh Wi-Fi system allows broadband services to reduce support costs and optionally charge subscribers more for the better, faster premium Wi-Fi service. It said providers can charge a monthly fee for the premium Wi-Fi or sell the devices to subscribers – or both.

AirTies CEO Philippe Alcaras said, “We’re launching our most advanced Wi-Fi Mesh solution ever, designed to meet the needs of operators today and into the future. Subscribers are paying for faster broadband services, but they aren’t getting those speeds consistently throughout the house because of outdated Wi-Fi. It’s a pivotal time for operators, requiring a rethinking of the whole-home environment, and AirTies is at the forefront of helping them with this transition. Our new premium Wi-Fi Mesh system, based on the Air 4830, sets a new bar for sustainable and managed performance, and enables operators to drive incremental revenue and customer satisfaction by offering new classes of premium Wi-Fi services.”

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