Everyone Can Soon Be Uploading Professionally Produced Live Video Streams

Solutions like Telestream's Wirecast Gear are helping to increase demand for broadband up and down. Image courtesy Telestream.

– Telestream’s Wirecast Gear Turns Anyone into a Professional Producer of Live Video

– A Professional Live-Streaming Studio Right out of the Box

Soon everyone will be able to stream high-quality live video like a professional producer, which will substantially increase the demand for bandwidth, both up and down.

The new Telestream Wirecast Gear, starting at $4,995, is a portable workstation that comes fully configured for producing and streaming live events. The company said it’s so easy to use that anyone can professionally stream live events. It comes with Wirecast Pro live streaming production software and is aimed at “marketers, educators, corporate and online trainers, event producers, sports broadcasters, worship service staff, news gatherers and anyone who wants to deliver professional live streamed productions out of the box.”

Scott Murray, VP of desktop products at Telestream, said, “With the explosion in popularity of live streamed video, everyone from event producers to educators to marketers are looking for ways to communicate via live video. With Wirecast Gear, we made a lot of design decisions that make it ideal for the kinds of environments that people doing live production, switching and streaming need. We have built a product that makes it easy for anyone to start a professional live stream, at a price point that makes it affordable.”

Wirecast Gear uses Microsoft’s Windows 10 Pro 64bit operating system and has an Intel i7 processor, 16GB of memory and a 250GB system drive.  It also has multiple network connectors, USB-C ports, and digital display outputs. Its solid state drives, as opposed to traditional spinning hard drives, makes Wirecast Gear ideal for transport, less prone to failure and guarantees maximum performance. There are four video input ports with options for either HDMI or SDI. In size it’s only 9.85 inches deep and takes up 1.3 rack units. It can be carried in a travel case or placed on a desktop.

Murray said, “With Wirecast Gear, you don’t have to be a computer technician to start streaming. You can take this computer out of the box, put it on your desk, plug in some cameras, and start streaming a live event. But, the other great thing about this system is that it’s a solid Windows 10 Pro 64bit computer. So you can use Wirecast Gear in your live production environment for live streaming, but then you can also use it as a workstation. It’s a streaming appliance and a workstation – which  makes it a very appealing ROI proposition.”

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