Adtran Extends Its Community-based Broadband Initiative to EMEA

Adtran has extended to the entire EMEA region its Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives (ECCL) program where it support the EC’s new Connectivity for a European Gigabit Society Initiative. ECCL supports Adtran’s ECCL program helps it sell FTTP, and VDSL vectoring products and services. It is aimed at service providers and communities that “want to leverage best practices, understand market impact and create partnerships that can help drive adoption.”

Tony Shortall, director at Telage and former economic advisor to the EC, said, “Communities, network operators and equipment vendors must work together if the European Commission’s vision of Digital Single Market will become a reality. Ultrafast broadband connections will be the linchpin of a globally connected, data-driven economy across Europe and the world. Adtran has demonstrated its ability to help operators make a positive and long-term impact on their respective communities and I’d expect them to play a larger role as the European market develops.”

Economic growth is the main driver for community-based broadband campaigns. In 2016, over 60% of respondents said economic growth is a key driver for deployment of gigabit broadband services, up from 30% in 2014.

Adtran says that in a little over two years, the ECCL program has benefited over 350 communities in North America and engaged every kind of service provider, including incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers, utility companies, cablecos and land developers.

UK-based Telcom Networks is one of the service providers being showcased in the ECCL EMEA program. Telcom uses Adtran’s FTTP technology to deliver ultrafast Gigabit broadband services to residential and business customers in cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow. Telcom CEO Shaun Gibson said, “Gigabit broadband is a huge benefit to society, attracting professionals to live and work in newly developed properties and acting as a catalyst to entrepreneurship. We’ve enshrined a ‘community-first’ approach in our business through a scheme called Telcom Unity, which delivers free public Wi-Fi to local areas, and we even subsidize the cost of local business connections to worthy public and non-profit organizations.”

Ronan Kelly, Adtran’s CTO for the EMEA and APAC regions, said, “Extending the ECCL program to EMEA is the next logical step and we look forward to charting its progress in line with next-generation broadband adoption across the region.”

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