Game-changing Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Can Increase Total Speed to 3.0 Gbps

How high are the speeds that can support over telcos’ existing copper phone wires? Perhaps as much as 3.0 Gbps per residence. chipmaker Sckipio has developed a technology called Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) that it says can provide up to 1.5Gbps in combined upstream and downstream speeds. It does that by dynamically allocating the bandwidth in each direction in real time so that down and up can reach speeds up to 750 Mbps for a total of 1.5 Gbps. Telcos’ copperwire networks do not share speed between residences so a 1.5 Gbps speed is what each residence gets. A subscriber’s speed does not vary up and down depending on what neighbors are doing as it does with cablecos.

AT&T, which is testing gear in MDUs, likes DBA and thinks that future chips will be capable of 1.5 Gbps in each direction, a total of 3.0 Mbps. Eddy Barker, assistant VP of technical design and architecture at AT&T, said, “With dynamic bandwidth allocation, we believe AT&T can offer up to 750 Mbps in both downstream and upstream performance over coax with today’s chipsets. In the next generation chipsets, we should be able to double that target, achieving as much as 1.5 Gbps in each direction.”

So does telecom equipment maker Telus, whose VP of video & broadband services Tim Fell said, “DBA is a game-changer. In the race to deliver ultra-fast broadband, the ability to offer affordable symmetrical services will give telcos the flexibility required to meet our customers evolving high speed Internet needs.”

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation also solves a coming challenge for broadband service providers. How do they dynamically provide sufficient upstream bandwidth for social media streaming and uploads? Facebook, which offers live streaming, says it has been shocked by how fast the market has live streaming grown.

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