Huawei’s Microwave Technology Shortens the Last Mile Gap

Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

In many instances, service providers, especially telcos, have to extend their fiber networks closer to residences before they can effectively use new copperwire broadband technologies such as vectoring and Extending a fiber network is expensive because of the difficulties of installing fiber under the ground by trenching or on utility poles by climbing them, plus the costs and time needed to acquire rights-of-way. Huawei says it has a better way – microwave transmissions.

Huawei’s new microwave solution for FTTx allows service providers to deploy gigabit broadband networks by using microwave links instead of and/or in addition to existing fiber, copper and coaxial cables. Huawei said its microwave solution for FTTx “extends coverage to the greatest range possible while also providing guaranteed bandwidth and service experience” and its microwave technologies allow for quick deployment, even over geographically challenging terrains. By using microwave technologies, service providers avoid which can reduce the time it takes for a rollout from one to six months down to just one to two weeks.

Huawei’s large-capacity E-band and Super Dual Band (SDB) technologies provide speeds in the 1 to 10 Gbps range. It said microwave radio air interfaces feature very low latency and superior high-throughput mechanism, which makes it useful for transmitting high-def videos.

Huawei said its microwave technologies address two problems:

1. Improving broadband speeds over older copperwire networks that are often faulty – even with new copperwire broadband technologies such as

2. The difficulties cellcos have when obtaining the optical fiber resources they need to deploy Optical Line Terminals (OLT) for backhaul.

Huawei said it has already successfully deployed its microwave solution for FTTx in countries such as Greece and China. Huawei’s rivals Nokia and Ericsson both sell similar products.

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